The adidas Run 70’s is back with an updated look and feel, making it a good time to have a closer look and review its features. This sneaker is a budget retro inspired runner that was first introduced in 2018 when it featured a seamless upper which did not resemble so much a classic look. In 2022 the sneaker made a comeback with an actual retro look all while keeping the idea of an affordable shoe with stylish looks. 

How They Fit

Among the several colorways available with this new release was the one in green, white and red which is our favorite. Along with the others from this release this sneaker is part of Adidas’s “End Plastic Waste” campaign which is advertised on the gray box they come in as well as a slogan on the insole. The shoes look very stylish and durable out of the box, mainly to the large sole unit which also adds a bit of weight. They are not the lightest shoes out there but they surely compensate with a great, retro look and comfort. They fit true to size with little to no time needed to break them in unless your feet are wide. You can also check out our Adidas sizing chart if not sure about your size. 

adidas Run 70s green red white 2

adidas Run 70s green red white 1


The materials used for the upper of the Adidas Run 70’s are quite basic but they look very durable. The light padded mesh upper is quite breathable and it makes for a solid upper in combination with the synthetic leather. The suede overlays are a signature of retro shoes from the 70’s and somehow they were missing from the old version in 2018. They make up for a decent mudguard and heel support. The pair’s design is completed by synthetic leather stripes and heel tab with branding. Being a budget runner the materials are not the best from the brand but Adidas did a great job in building these and keeping the price low. The brand advertises at least 50% of the materials being recycled so you can also feel good about participating in their campaign. 

Sole Unit 

The sole unit is quite large and makes for a big part of the new shape of this sneaker. It is not too flexible and adds some weight to the shoe but on the flipside it is very durable and offers good arch support. The removable insole is made of a memory foam type of material which adds comfort for long hours of wear. The midsole foam seems to be standard re-engineered EVA that offers good support but lacks in energy return.As we did this review we concluded that the adidas Run 70’s are best to be used as a “beater” shoe, one to use every day for casual wear but also for light exercises. You can take these for a short run if you don’t mind that they are a bit heavy. They remind us in this regard of the Retropy E5 which has a similar midsole. The outsole for the pair we got comes in gum color, another retro feature. It provides some decent traction but on wet surfaces it can get a bit slippery.

adidas Run 70s green red white 4

adidas Run 70s green red white 3

Bottom Line 

All in all our Adidas Retro Run 70’s review made it clear to us that these are a great value at their $65 retail price. Despite the materials used that have no special modern technology they are a dependable shoe that is quite versatile. You can wear them casually, in the gym or even for short runs. They come in various colorways that will add some retro vibes to your looks.  If still in doubt check out the adidas Daily 3.0 , another great all around sneaker in the same price range.