Music and fashion seem to go hand in hand and the adidas Ultrastar Sneaker is proof of that. An offshoot of the ubiquitous adidas Superstar, which is one of the brand’s best selling sneakers of all time, the Ultrastar was developed for Run-DMC, a pioneering rap group of the 1980s, which helped to popularize the brand in the streets.


Run-DMC’s love for Adidas was evident not just in their fashion choices but also in their music. Coming to prominence in the mid-1980s, the rap trio set themselves apart by decking out in full Adidas gear and putting lyrics to music to support their love for the three stripes.

When they released the song, My Adidas, the group was stepping out in shell-toe Superstars and influencing an entire generation to do the same. The German brand, which is represented by its three-stripe symbol, eventually paid attention to Run-DMC’s impact and took the trio under their wings. Not too long after, in 1988, Run-DMC got their very own adidas kick in the form of the Ultrastar sneaker and their place in the history books became cemented. The shoe was an upgraded version of the adidas Superstar, with little enhancements to support the group’s penchant for wearing their sneakers without laces.


The adidas Ultrastar Sneaker boasts much of the Superstar’s best features, including its trademark shell toe and thick rubber outsole. However, it is designed to express the coolness of Run-DMC at the height of their game while providing a comfortable fit.

As such, its main calling card was the ability to go without laces and still walk around like a boss. That is made possible by a tongue binding mechanism that keeps the top of the shoe in place. Its reinforced heel counter and plush interior, modeled off the Superstar, are further dressed up by special stripes, especially snakeskin, and the name of the group they were created for. Expect bright colorways from this classic sneaker, especially blue and yellow, hues which were mentioned in verse by Run-DMC.


Although not as popular as the Superstar, the adidas Ultrastar has endured the test of time to be listed among highly sought after adidas Originals styles, with its link between fashion and music earning it an iconic status.