Today we take a quick look and review the features of the Air Jordan 11 CMFT one of the latest from the brand .  Within the sneaker community, there is no other sneaker collection as revered as the Air Jordan series. One of the most famous silhouettes apart of the collection is the Air Jordan 11, which carries a lot of cultural importance. It’s so well-liked that Nike releases a new Retro model every holiday season. During MJ’s baseball career, famed Nike footwear designer Tinker Hatfield created the Air Jordan 11. He’d saved the designs in case MJ decided to return to the NBA after his retirement — he’d always wanted MJ to wear the Air Jordan 11 on the floor. Despite not being the first Jordan sneaker to get a “CMFT” makeover, the Jordan 11 has had a lifestyle-inspired design before, released over a decade ago. However, we believe that this one might just be much more well received.

DO0613 160 Air Jordan 11 CMFT white black red 1

DO0613 160 Air Jordan 11 CMFT white black red 4


The upper itself is made from several materials. Firstly, you’ve got the standard patent leather on the toe area, which is probably what makes the Jordan 11 a Jordan 11. Visual wise, the patent leather looks beautiful just as always. Just behind the patent leather, you would find a mesh netting which could feel a little cheap but is still pretty solid. On the rear, the leather is very soft which are usually found on sneakers with higher price points. As for the fit, what we noticed during this Air Jordan 11 CMFT Low review is that they fit large. It is recommended to take at least half a size down. Lastly, the tongue itself is extended which evokes images of those found on Jordan 5.

Sole Unit

The outsole found on the Jordan 11 CMFT strays away from the standard outsole found on OG Jordan 11s. Design wise this could be unappealing, but the outsole does the job really well of providing comfort to whoever is wearing it. On top of that, the midsole is super comfortable. All and all movements are cushioned really well by the midsole, although it is not recommended to play in these. Just by touching the midsole, you could feel how soft and springy it is. Lastly, the insole is also perforated, this gives you much needed air flow and breathability, ensuring your feet stays comfortable while wearing it throughout the day.

DO0613 160 Air Jordan 11 CMFT white black red 5

DO0613 160 Air Jordan 11 CMFT white black red 3

Bottom Line

To conclude our Air Jordan 11 CMFT Low review, fans of the sneaker must be somewhat disappointed that Jordan Brand did not go down the Air Jordan 1 Zoom CMFT route for the Air Jordan 11. A lot of the excitement was extinguished when designs of the sneaker came out. From a visual point of view, it’s clear that Nike decided to depart significantly from the original style. This pair seems just like any other lifestyle sneaker with inspiration from the Jordan 11. Many collectors will be disappointed by its look alone, as it bears little resemblance to the original. However, with its unmatched comfort, it is certainly a sneaker that you could cop for daily rotation usage. If unsure about your size feel free to check out our Jordan sneakers shoes size chart.

Style # in Pictures : DO0613 160  / Colorway white/red/black