For Air Max Day 2024 Nike dropped their new flagship sneaker, the DN model that I had the chance to review this week. The DN stands for Dynamic Air, the newest twist on the Air Max technology. It is made of two chambers with two cylinders each, allowing the air to move between each pair of tubes for a smooth transition. Nike has experimented this tubular look in the past with the Air Max 2001 and 2002 with a different technology but the idea did not take off at the time. The Nike Air Max DN has an overall futuristic look while taking cues from various previous editions such as the Nike Air Max Plus, the Air Max 97 or the TL 2.5. 

First Impressions 

For this review I got a pair of the Nike Air Max DN in white and blue, one of the first ones released on March 28 2024. To me this new design looks great, I really like Nike’s new take on their signature Air technology, at least when it comes to looks. It has a futuristic vibe with classic twists which is almost always a good combo. This model has the potential to replace the Air Max 270 as their most popular modern model but we have yet to see, I said the same about the AM Pulse and it did not quite happen. 

They feel comfortable on foot from the get go but they are not as plushy or responsive as other modern sneakers from Nike. They carry a bit of weight, with size 11.5 weighing almost 15 oz which is similar to classics.

How They fit 

The Nike Air Max DN fits true to size. I have slightly wider feet and there was no need to go a half size up. The upper mesh is quite accommodating and the synthetic overlays mold nicely on your feet. You do not need to break them in, they feel good from the beginning. Check out this Nike size chart if not sure about your size with this brand. 

Nike Air Max DN Review 2

Nike DV3337 1024

Nike DV3337 1025


The upper is made of a double layer of mesh with silicon ridges printed in a pattern similar to the Nike Air Max Deluxe. The overall lines of the upper are reminiscent of older models like the Air Max 97 and the TL 2.5. The branding on the tongue, insole as well as the tongue shape are similar to the one on the Air Max Plus which I like. The upper design is quite minimalistic which I think makes sense given the sole setup. The breathability of the upper is pretty average but given that this is not a performance shoe this should not be an issue for most. On the contrary, I think it makes the shoe more versatile in terms of what weather conditions you can wear it in. 

Sole Unit 

The sole unit of the Nike Air Max DN is made of the tubular Air Max unit and an engineered EVA foam. Nike does not mention what type of foam it is but it’s firmer than the Cushlon 3.0 or the React. However, the shoe features injected Phylon foam around the Air Max unit. The latter is designed so the two tubes in the back have a higher air pressure than the two in the front, making it so there is a smooth transition in the heel to the forefront foam. Overall it offers a firmer feel than other models like the TW from last year or the Air Max 270. Compared to these, the heel sits higher, at about 46mm of the ground which makes up for a quite deep heel to drop. This makes it so the shoe has a flawless heel to toe transition that provides a boost in motion while feeling quite stable. Like most models in the Air Max line there is a TPU shank in the middle of the outsole which has the role of keeping the balance between the back and front and as almost always does its job pretty well. Moreover it elongates to the upper side of the shoe in a shape that adds to the sophistication of this shoe. 

The outsole has an appealing look with more design elements from the Air Max Plus and a nice, sticky grip. Personally I like the shape of the outsole in the heel, it reminds me of the Puma driving shoes. It is a feature that gives a unique look for a Nike sneaker but many will appreciate its functionality even more while actually driving a car. I actually used them to drive as I was doing this review and they felt great. 

Nike DV3337 1023

Nike Air max DN construction

photo: Nike

Nike DV3337 1022

Are the Nike Air Max DN comfortable?

The Nike Air Max DN is a comfortable shoe but it all depends on what you’re accustomed to. If you are used to wearing plushy shoes like the Zoom Invincible 3 or Nike React then these may not work for you. The Air Unit is not as soft as the one on the TW model but it is more responsive. The high Air Max sole gives you a nice boost in your step and the transition heel to toe is flawless. The seamless upper is very accommodating for those in need of a more flexible fit. For everyday use and even for long walks this sneaker is excellent.

Are the Nike Air Max DN running shoes?

As mentioned previously this sneaker is not a performance shoe so short and slow paced runs may be the best you can get out of them. They are a bit heavy and bulky for such an activity but many may find them just fine, it all depends on what you’re used to and the condition available.  For this review I did not test them in the gym but surely I can see how many can use it for light exercise as it provides good stability and the sole is not too soft.

Bottom Line 

To wrap up my Nike Air Max DN review, these surely feel like one step forward in the brand evolution for this line. Even if it’s not as softer as other newer models, this new layout for the Air Max unit looks great and offers more energy return than before. The four cylinders can be customized in countless ways and I am sure Nike already is cooking some new takes in this look. Already the Supreme editions popped up and surely there will be many more special editions coming up. Personally, as a tall guy I prefer more low silhouettes so Air Max shoes have never been my favorites for this reason. This shoe in particular sits quite high in the heel (46mm) so if you are looking to gain some height like most people do these are surely the way to go. They come in both men’s and women’s versions and, for the reason I just mentioned, I think they’ll be quite popular with the ladies as well. e2010