Fans of special edition Chuck Taylors get a treat this fall with the release of the Converse All Star Smiley Face collection. In 2018 LeBron James was spotted wearing a pair of CT 70’s customized with the Swoosh on one side and a smiley face on the other. It was a limited edition created by Mike Cherman of Chinatown Market and many hoped for a mainstream release which did not happen as of yet. But this new collection comes to ease the pain and bring a smiley face on the signature Converse rubber toe cap.

The Converse All Star Smiley Face collection is made of two pairs of OX in black and white and a pair of Hi Chucks in black. The upper is made of the traditional sturdy canvas while the white rubber sole gets a makeover with the yellow forefront color. Being used to see the canvas customized for special editions , this is a nice change that opens up many other possibilities.