With winter just around the corner the Converse Berkshire is back once again, making it a good time to review its features. The Converse Berkshire is one of the most popular sneaker boots from the brand that was first released in 2020. It is an enhanced Chuck Taylor shoe that will offer you more for your bucks than just the classic model or the Street version. It is enhanced with Counter Climate technology and a leather upper that are designed to keep your feet warm during the cold days while sporting the same cool looks the brand is known for. This way Converse is aligning with other major footwear brands like Nike or adidas in offering what are known as sneaker boots.

How They Fit

We got a pair on black and tan that was released in 2022 along with a gray version. Out of the box the Berkshire boosts the looks of classic hi top Chucks with a thicker sole and added padding. They fit as classic All Star sneakers, meaning that they run ½ larger than most other brands. Moreover they are quite narrow, especially in the toe box area. It seems like the biggest problem with these is getting the right size. If you have a bit of a wide foot it is best just to stay away but otherwise order your normal Chuck Taylor size which should be ½ size smaller than most other brands. If still unclear you can check a Converse size chart here.

Converse Berkshire brown black2

Converse Berkshire brown black3


The upper of the Converse Berkshire is made of leather, in our case synthetic leather, according to the inside tag. We did not find the synthetic leather to look or feel cheap with the exception of the upper part of the tongue which matters the least I would say.  It does the job of blocking any moisture getting in and it’s quite soft. A remarkable fact is the use of the Counter Climate technology used as a lining for the upper of the shoe. It feels like a thin fleece inside the shoe that keeps the foot warm all while keeping moisture away. There is plenty of padding in the ankle area that adds comfort but also helps in trapping the warm air inside the shoe. Lastly , the tongue features plenty of cushioning in the upper part while being secured on both sides from the half down so no snow or any moisture can sneak in through the loading system. The upper has all the features to keep your feet comfortable and warm during cold winter days.

Sole Unit 

The sole unit of the Converse Berkshire is the standard vulcanized sole with a boost of thickness when it comes to the outsole. It is the same setup the brand has for all their sneaker boots, with a Utility outsole that adds some more traction while elevating it a bit more than the classic to add more protection from the cold. Inside the shoe there is a removable EVA insole that adds a bit more cushioning. Overall the feel is one of a classic Converse Chuck Taylor sneaker which is a bit flat, with virtually no added arch support. As we did this Converse Berkshire review it became clear that if you’re into Chuck Taylors in general you’ll probably love these given all the added features. In my case, being over 200 pounds and with slightly wide feet these did not work for me, given the limited arch support and the narrow toe box area. 

Converse Berkshire brown black1

Converse Berkshire brown black4

Bottom Line 

To conclude our Converse Berkshire review, if you’re in a hunt for a pair of sneaker boots and sport some classic looks these are surely worth c Save onsidering. This is unless you need them to wear them for long hours while standing up a lot in which case it depends how much support you need. At the end of the day the feet are supposed to be as close to their natural position as possible and Chuck Taylor surely preserves that with the flat sole they use. If you are into Chucks in general you’ll surely move these. At a $85 retail price they are among the cheapest sneaker boots you’ll find on the market today, below the likes of Manoa or the Chasker.