This week we came across a pair of DC Cure High Top sneakers and we decided to review its features and design. This is a shoe that caters mostly to skateboarders but it also makes for an excellent everyday shoe. It’s been around for years and the DC brand comes up with new colorways and versions constantly. Its appealing design is a bit part of its success, with a bulky construction reminiscent of the way the skate shoes were built in the 90’s. It is available in both low and high top versions. 

How They Fit 

The pair we got on our hands was the black and red that was released in 2023. Size 10.5 weighs just over 15 oz which is pretty typical for a high top sneaker. They fit true to size but they need a bit of breakdown period, they feel a bit stiff at first. Given the way the toe box gets narrow towards the front those with wide feet may not feel comfortable in these unless they get a half size bigger which may not be a good idea if they actually skate with these.

DC SHoes Hi Top Black red 2

DC SHoes Hi Top Black red 3


The DC Cure High top, much like the low top, comes in different versions when it comes to materials used. The one we got featured a fine synthetic leather that was easy to clean yet it did not not seem very durable. If I was to actually get one of these for me I would go with a leather upper version. We immediately noticed while we did this DC Cure High Top review how plushy they feel around the ankles once you put them on. This is due to the heavy padded tongue and heel collar which are built much like the skate shoes from the 90’s. These contribute to a secure lockdown fit but it also makes it so the heat from your feet is trapped in, something that in the cooler weather many will appreciate. Overall there is limited air flow in these, despite the perforations in the front. The lining used is Naturetex which means that it is mostly made from recycled material.  

Sole Unit 

The sole unit of the DC Cure High top is relatively minimal, with cushion given mainly by the EVA insert. The rubber cup sole is flat as you’d expect from a skate shoe which means that it is very stable. Aside from using these for every day activities like in school you can actually use these in the gym for weight lifting. Standing up in these for long hours is not a great idea in our opinion, given the limited arch support they provide. The triangle and diamond pattern in the outsole is the one we’ve seen before at this brand and it does just fine for a good grip on your skateboard. 

DC Cure High Top Review 2

DC SHoes Hi Top Black red 1

Bottom Line 

To conclude our DC Cure High top review, these are an excellent choice for those looking for a budget friendly skate shoe with 90’s vibes. It is a versatile sneaker that can be worn every day at school while doing a decent job when hopping on a skateboard and even in the gym for weight lifting. Its retail price ranges from $65 for the low top to %75 for the high top but often you can get these at even lower prices which makes it so you get an even better value out of them. If still not convinced and looking for a low top alternative, the adidas Daily 3.0 is surely one worth checking out.