Whether you’re on a budget or just like looking for deals, finding the best cheap skate shoes may get a bit complicated sometimes. That is because finding the best pair implies that all skaters are the same which is not the case. If you’re a beginner you may want to experiment with a couple of styles and see what works for you. More experienced skaters prefer the shoes with more board feel which makes it easier to do kickflips while others may prefer more ankle support, more cushioning that will help them better deal with impacts. At the end of the day it is a matter of striking the right balance between price and quality. Like in running, basketball or football, skate shoes have become quite technical, with brands collaborating more and more with well known skaters to create the best skate shoes for your buck.

There are many brands that offer skate shoes nowadays with many styles to choose from. The list we put together includes the best cheap skate shoes that you can find under $75 retail price which more than often can be found on sale for even less. When buying a pair of skate shoes the saying “I am too poor to buy cheap things” must come to mind. Getting low quality shoes will only increase your chances of getting injured and waste your money on a product that will likely not last.

New Balance 425 numeric

New Balance Numeric 425

Retail Price: $70

The Boston based footwear brand has been growing a lot in the last few years and the fact that they joined the skate shoes niche with their “Numeric” line surely helped. The 425 model is an entry model for this line that features a slim stylish design while packing some nice cushioning and support. They feature a mix of synthetic materials and they are some of the most versatile models on this list, being excellent for casual everyday use for both men and women.

DC Shoes Gaveler gray gum

DC Shoes “Gaveler”

Retail Price: $60

When looking for cheap skate shoes the DC Shoes Gaveler has been a solid option for years. This is one of the shoes on our list that offer the retro looks and feel of the 90’s era when this brand was born. It features a chunky design with thick padding around the ankles and tongue for a secure, comfortable fit, They also come with the signature Pill Pattern tread from the brand that ensures an excellent grip and traction.

Nike SB Chron black Red

Nike SB Chron 2

Retail Price: $75

The Nike SB has been around since 2002, dominating the market of skate shoes with high quality, stylish skate shoes. The Chron model is one of the most affordable in this line, an unisex model that was designed for everyday use and ever ready for any skateboard action. Its flat, rubber vulcanized sole unit provides durability and stability when needed. It features suede and canvas upper for optimal air flow.

adidas Seeley black gum

Adidas Seeley

Retail Price: $75

The Adidas Seeley is very similar to the Chron model from Nike. It is a model that is made for casual wear and skating. They feature either suede or canvas upper, the classic Adidas stripes and a solid vulcanized sole. The brand even came up with a hemp version years ago. If you’re looking for a minimalistic style and an excellent board feel these are a great choice. Not to mention that you will be scoring points when it comes to style.

adidas daily Denim

Adidas Daily 3.0

Retail Price: $65

The adidas Daily 3.0 is a more recent model that we took a closer look at recently. At $65 retail price, this model is the lowest priced from our list of best cheap skate shoes this year. It is a very stylish model that takes cues from the Seeley model while being a bit more chunky and heavier. It provides excellent grip on the board with a decent shock absorption, having a solid construction that ensures durability.

Vans Old Skool blue white

Vans Old Skool

Retail Price: $70

The Vans Old Skool is one of the original shoes on this list that were absorbed into the skate world. It served as an inspiration point for the SB Chron, Seeley and many more models that are great as casual, everyday shoes but also great for skateboarding when you look for a closer board feel. Aside from their iconic looks the Old Skool are known for their comfort and durability given by their vulcanized, flat sole unit.

Osiris Clone

Osiris Clone

Retail Price: $75

If you’re into retro skate shoes the Osiris Clone is a great option when looking for cheap skate shoes under $75. Aside from its bold, hi top silhouette this shoe packs several features such as reinforced high-abrasion areas for durable wear, abrasion resistant VLKN cupsole and a lightweight padded tongue and collar for superior comfort. This is a very solid skate shoe with excellent ankle support.


DC Shoes “Cure”

Retail Price: $64-$75

One of the most popular skate shoes on the market in this price range is the DC Shoes Cure model, available in both low and high top versions. This is another retro skate shoe that is great for those digging the hi top sneakers with heavy padding around the collar and tongue. They have a solid, durable construction that is great not just for skating but also for everyday use. You can often find some of its colorways on sale, making it an even better deal.

Lakai Griffin

Lakai Griffin

Retail Price: $65

The Lakai Griffin is another sneaker that offers an excellent value at just $65 retail price. It is a versatile shoe great for any occasion, much like the Vans Old Skool and the Adidas Seeley. The upper features bold branding with durable CO-BOUND materials that are also very breathable. They also have a hidden midsole inside the vulcanized sole unit that adds even more shock absorption. There are several versions of this shoe in all leather upper.

All in all, when it comes to the best cheap skate shoes on the market there are plenty of options to choose from. All these shoes offer a certain level of traction, support, stability, cushioning, shock absorption and board feel. Depending on your level and style of skating you need to figure out what works for you.