Jordan 200E

The Jordan Air 200E is one of the latest modern lifestyle sneakers from the brand, one that we were able to get on sale this week for a review of its features. This model is part of a series from the Jordan Brand where they take a rare step away from the retros to create more modern sneakers by adding elements from the Nike Air Max line, more specifically the Air Max 200. In 2020 the Jordan Max 200 was introduced, followed by the MA2 in 2021 and lastly the Air 200E in the spring of 2023. Since its release the Jordan 200E has been featured in several colorways, including two special editions, the “PSG” and “Jonin”. The response on these was mixed, with some versions having more success than others. 

First Impressions

The pair we got was the one in black, gray and crimson, one that was on sale at the end of 2023. They come in a dull box that looks different than the ones used for the retros, without the Jumpman logo in front. Out of the box the shoes look pretty bulky, a characteristic of the Air Max 200 line. That is not a bad thing if you follow the current trends and especially if you look to gain some height. Size 11 weights about 15.5 oz which is not the lightest shoe out there nor the heaviest when it comes to lifestyle sneakers.

Jordan Air 200E black gray crimson5

How They Fit 

The Jordan 200E fits true to size. They have a roomy toe box which accommodates the ones with wider feet like myself. There is very little break in time needed with these, they feel very comfortable from the get go. For a comprehensive sizing guide for the Jordan brand you can check out this size chart.

Jordan Air 200E black gray crimson1

Jordan Air 200E black gray crimson6


The Jordan Air 200E comes in a few versions, some featuring suede and other synthetic leather, in addition to the mesh and synthetic overlays. The pair I got was the one with synthetic leather and I must say it looks a bit cheap. It is a mix of old and new technologies with both seams and seamless areas which is a hit or miss depending on the colorway you get. The mesh is breathable but you can still wear these in the cold without freezing your feet. For this review I tried them on casually in November in Chicago and they feel great on my feet. There is minimal cushioning in the upper area, with little cushioning in the heel and none in the tongue. 

Are Jordan Air 200E Comfortable?

The Jordan Air 200E strength is certainly how comfortable they feel on your feet from the beginning. The breathable upper mesh wraps nicely on your feet and the combination of Air Max and EVA foam midsole provides excellent cushioning, energy return and arch support for long hours.

Sole Unit  

The sole unit is very similar to what we’ve seen at the Max 200 and even at the Maxin 200. It is one made to give the shoe a bulky look, one that many prefer these days. They also add some height to the shoe in addition to the undeniable comfort. The oversized Air Max unit does an excellent job in absorbing impact and provides a bounce back with every step which flows nicely into the re-engineered EVA foam midsole in the front. With the sole overall being a bit high the shoes lack the stability you would need to take them to the gym to lift weights. For light workouts they would work but overall I would say they are too bulky for the gym.

Jordan Air 200E black gray crimson3

Jordan Air 200E black gray crimson2

Are Jordan 200E Good for Walking?

The Jordan Air 200E was designed as a lifestyle sneaker and they are great for walking. The main strength is the cushioning in the sole unit that keeps you comfortable for long hours. The oversized Air Max unit adds a nice bounce to every step and helps you propel forward tirelessly.

Bottom Line 

The Jordan Air 200E is an interesting mix of a Nike Air Max model and Jordan brand elements. Some colorways are better than others and for me the price seems a bit high for the quality of the materials used. You’ll find some on sale for sure if that is your concern too. They are not my favorite from this 200 line but I must say that if I have to conclude this review on what I liked the most about them is how comfortable they are. The Jordan brand has been using this sole setup that is proven for its comfort for all the models in this line and we can only expect them to explore further with new models for their more contemporary line of sneakers. The 200E is part of this evolution.