With a plethora of colorways now on sale I finally got my hands on a pair of Nike Air Max 200 and got a chance to review its features.  Released in July of 2019, this sneaker is one of Nike’s newest models and is said to be inspired by patterns of energy. It received very positive feedbacks on release for its nostalgic looks, and throwbacks to the original Air Max models, which has came as a breath of fresh air from the increasingly modern Air Max sneakers that Nike have been coming out with lately.

The shoe bears a heavy resemblance to the Nike Air Max 180, a popular Air Max model that dropped back in 1991. This is mainly thanks to the Air bubble in the heel, and the foam cut-out surrounding it, but also the classic shape and materials used. Retailing for $120, the sneaker is also cheaper than many of its Air Max counterparts, which considering shoe prices these days seem to be getting higher and higher, is a nice detail that is important we acknowledge. Out of the box the shoes look beautiful, with a striking design given by the contrast upper layers. They are lightweight and fit just right from the get go, with not much need to break them in.

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The upper consists of a woven mesh as the base material, with a plastic frame, a nubuck mudguard, and leather accents around the eyelets. This layering on the upper is said to have been designed to convey patterns of energy radiating from the earth, such as the oceans waves or lava from a volcano. It is a pattern that inspired the design of other models such as the Air Max Solo in 2023. In terms of the shoe’s colorways, your choices are endless, literally, Nike allows you to create your own color scheme using their Nike By You service, however I instead decided to go for a simple red and white design that was also on sale. I found the simple color blocking worked very well in showing the unique layering of the sneaker, and the few silver accents on the shoe gave it a bit more character. The white mesh did get dirty quite quickly however, so it may be worth bearing that in mind when deciding which colorway you choose.
Some wearers have found that the shoe is quite bulky, and even tight around their foot, so that is something to consider, however in my case there hasn’t been a problem. What’s very impressive about the Air Max 200, considering its layers and bulk, is that thanks to the mesh upper, it is still perfectly breathable. You may find that the insole molds to your foot, as there is not too much air flow underfoot, but your actual feet should not get too warm, making this a perfect sneaker for the upcoming summer. Although, as a word of warning, dirt does seem to get lodged in the woven mesh upper quite easily, and even though this won’t affect the shoes performance, it may be worth deciding whether you mind your sneakers looking dirty, before you wear them off road.

Sole Unit

The sole of the Air Max 200 consists predominantly of Nike’s Cushlon Foam, with an Air Unit in the heel. In terms of looks, the sole strikes a resemblance to the Air Max 180, however with Nike having better technology than they did 29 years ago, the Air bubble looks to be more durable, and much larger. The brand used later the same Air Max unit to build several styles, with the Jordan Point Lane and the 200E among them.
This shoe is advertised as providing all day comfort, and Nike claims it is light and flexible, however our findings so far suggests this is quite an overstatement. Sure, the Cushlon foam does provide some flexibility and reduces the weight of the sneaker, but the cushioning is quite mediocre. This isn’t to say it’s bad, in fact compared to some of the other recent Air Max’s like the 720, this is much more preferable, it just isn’t as exceptional as the advertising may have you believe.
Looks wise, the sole is exactly what you would want, barring an uncanny resemblance to the original Air Max models, even though it is comprised of different materials. Especially with more recent Air Max sole’s going overboard on details and trying to make the Air unit in some way superior to any previous models, this simpler design is welcomed with open arms.

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Bottom Line

Overall, to conclude this Nike Air Max 200 review , the shoe looks great and feels fine, so if you decide on getting a pair of the Air Max 200,  you will not be disappointed. Especially with summer ahead, a shoe like this would be great for any kind of casual wear, however, the white mesh on my pair did get dirty quite quickly, so it may be worth bearing that in mind when deciding which colorway you choose. Lastly, the Air Max 200 retails for $120, however you can currently find certain colorways for as little as $65, so if you want a pair, we suggest you spend some time finding the best deal, as it could save you a decent amount of money.