Released earlier this year, the Jordan Maxin 200 is a sneaker that I long planned to get my hands on and review its features. This is one of Jordan Brand’s newest lifestyle models and is said to have been inspired by the company’s heritage. The idea behind the model was apparently to make an extremely comfortable silhouette by including the new Air Max 200 unit, while still having the same nostalgic feel of a retro Air Jordan sneaker.

The Jordan Maxin 200 comes in several colorways and materials; however, I decided to pick up the “Bred” colorway that recently went on sale. There are some other popular colorways of the sneaker, like the Red and White pair, that resemble the Air Jordan 5 Fire Red, and the suede and camouflage version, that is currently the only one to have sold out. Out of the box the sneaker looks and feels much like a retro shoe with the patent leather and the side grill standing out. It’s a solid shoe that feels a bit stiff at first but after bit of breaking in it molds to your feet and can become an everyday shoe to wear.  Much like the retro line from Jordan , this is a lifestyle sneaker much more than a performance basketball shoe, even some retailers advertise it as such.

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The upper of the Jordan Maxin 200 takes a lot of inspiration from past Air Jordans, for instance it is primarily covered in a high-quality patent leather, in a very similar fashion to the Air Jordan 11.The molded grills on the side of the uppers are inspired by the Air Jordan 5, however they extend further up the shoe, doubling up as the eyelets for the laces. Lastly, the tongue is identical to the tongue on the Air Jordan 3, and features a good quality leather, with thick padding behind it which provides a snug fit. The shoe also features extra padding around the ankle, which allows the sneaker to fit better and makes the upper much more comfortable. Although the Jordan Maxin 200 features 4 Jumpman logos, on the sole, insole, tongue, and heel, they don’t particularly stand out, giving the upper quite a minimal design. I personally enjoyed this aspect, because it gives the shoe a clean and less complicated silhouette, although I get that some  Jordan fans may have wished the branding was more prominent. So, although the shoe looks great and feels great, a word of warning for any wide footed readers, the shoes are very similar to the Air Jordan 5 in the shape of the toe box, which results in it being quite narrow at the front. This isn’t a serious problem, just if you think your feet are wide, then it may be sensible to go up half a size.

Sole Unit

As its name suggests ,the sole of the Jordan Maxin 200 is all about the new AM200 unit which is longer than the standard Air bubble both length and width ways, and is also much more visible, taking up a decent amount of the midsole. It is the same the brand used later on for several models, including the 200E. It is most comparable in shape and size to the Air Max 2090 that released only a month later, but to be totally honest, it is not much more comfortable than the classic Air Max unit we usually see in the Jordan retro sneakers. Although marketed as a soft cushion for your foot, the Air unit is encased with a solid rubber, and is pretty densely packed, which stops it from properly compressing when stepped on. On the plus side, the basic foam in the front of the midsole, although nothing special, feels a lot better under foot than expected, and does offer a more comfortable experience to the Jordan silhouettes its shape is based on. Overall, what I found during my Jordan Maxin 200 review was that the comfort is not mind blowing, or particularly impressive, but it does do the job and has so far been very durable. Don’t just take this from me though, the shoe has also received very positive reviews, with the recurring compliment being that the shoes are very durable and withstand nearly any weather condition. If unsure about your Jordan size you can check our size chart here.

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Bottom Line

To conclude this Jordan Maxin 200 review, this sneaker set out to provide a comfortable experience, with the same classic look as previous Jordan classics, and this is exactly what they have done. The comfort, and cushioning especially, is definitely nothing to brag about, but is still much more preferable to other Jordan models, and the sneaker looks great. Although it takes inspiration from different Jordan’s, it still has a unique look, and is miles better than the other mash-up Jordan’s that often turn out in a similar way to Frankenstein’s monster. Another positive is the $130 price point, as we seem to have gotten too accustomed to the Air Jordan retro price points of $190-$200 whereas the Jordan Maxin 200 is made with just as good materials, and better technology, even though it costs considerably less. The only real thing to watch out for is its tight fit in the forefoot, but as long as you are aware of that, and are prepared to go half a size up, this is a stunning silhouette that gives you great bang for your buck!