New Balance 237 is one of the latest lifestyle sneakers from the brand, one that we’ll review today and check out its features. This model was introduced in 2020 as part of a new wave of New Balance new sneakers. It was designed by Charlotte Lee, the same who came up with the 327, 57/40 and the XC-72 just to name a few. The idea was once again to re-imagine the retro looks of the 70’s in new ways, given the new technologies available nowadays. Much like the 997H ,the 237 was an immediate success given its appealing looks  but also the affordable price it retails for, $80.

How They Fit

The pair we came across is a women’s version that was also part of the new eco line of the brand which uses sustainable materials to build their sneakers. It is to be noted that this women’s version has a slighter higher midsole than the men’s for that platform-like feel. As we tried them on they felt very comfortable from the get go and they fit true to size. I could see however that for someone with wide feet a half size up may be the best choice. They are very lightweight and stylish, a great combo for the perfect lifestyle sneaker that will not break the bank. If you are not sure about your size you can check out this New Balance size chart

New Balance 237 for Men multicolor1

New Balance 237 for Men multicolor4


New Balance has released countless colorways and versions of these since their release. The New Balance 237 typically features the classic nylon and suede leather upper which is great for almost all weather conditions. The one we got is an all leather instead of the mesh upper so it will work much better in the cold season. The suede leather is made up of three parts that are connected to each other to give an all 360 around the feet. Aside from its design appeal it also serves to add some containment to the feet, especially given how the midsole is attached to the shoe. Given this setup, what we came to realize quite soon while doing our New Balance 237 review that these are not quite versatile when it comes to athletic activities. The lack of support on the sides makes it a poor choice in the gym or for any athletic activity that requires some effort. These shine, however, as an everyday casual shoe. The sneaker also features a foam exposed tongue, a nice retro throwback. 

Sole Unit 

The sole unit features the basic EVA material for classic sneakers in a new, interesting setup, with the upper sitting on top of the midsole giving it an interesting, bulky look. This is a setup much like the Reebok Classic Leather that we’ve taken a look not long ago. It is shaped to be curved in the front but also in the back which makes for an effortless heel to toe transition. They also feature a removable insole that is also EVA which adds a bit more plushy feel to the inside of the shoe. The rubber outsole has an herringbone pattern that is very basic and perfect for a casual shoe which does not need much traction while adding durability. It has an interesting, asymmetric shape in the front where it goes up to the toe box area much like most classics but with a twist. 

New Balance 237 for Men multicolor2

New Balance 237 for Men multicolor3

Are New Balance 237 comfortable?

The New Balance 237 are very comfortable right from the start. They feel comfortable and lightweight, providing a great combo for an affordable lifestyle sneaker. The comfort is attributed to the design and materials used, making them suitable for everyday wear.

Are New Balance 237 running shoes?

The New Balance 237 is not recommended for running or athletic activities that require substantial support. The lack of support on the sides makes them a poor choice for the gym or any athletic activity with significant effort. However, they are great as everyday casual shoes, with their strength in lifestyle wear rather than running.

Bottom Line 

To conclude our New Balance 237 review, these are great everyday shoes that will last. They are stylish, well made and offer good arch support for long hours. The materials used are still good quality even if their price is lower than others from the line. The 237 is a retro inspired sneaker at an affordable price, much like the ASICS Lyte Classic that was recently released. It is a lifestyle sneaker that you can take with you pretty much everywhere, being easy to match with any casual attire.