The New Balance 57/40, one of the latest styles from the Boston manufacturer, is the subject of our review section today. This is one of the newest sneakers from the brand, making its debut in 2021. It was created as an update to the classic 574, arguably the most popular shoe in the history of the company. New Balance has been coming up with some modern silhouettes lately such as the 997H and the 327 which were released a couple of years prior. These new designs feature a more aerodynamic look, updated materials and an enlarged N logo among other things. The 5740, which already has some cool collabs with A Bathing Bape and Joshua Vides, was introduced in various colorful versions in sync with their 80’s inspired design. 

How They Fit

The pair we got was no different and right away we loved its look and feel. Its bulky shape is retro inspired but very much in line with today’s trends all while not adding much weight. These are very comfortable as you put them on. They run a bit large so I had to get a pair half size smaller than my usual size. They are a bit narrow so those with wider feet may need a bit of break in time. Check out this New Balance size chart if you are not sure about the size you need.

New Balance 5740 blue women1

New Balance 5740 blue women4


The upper of the 57/40 is made of a combination of mesh, suede and leather, much like the original. It is, however, a more elaborate design where the large N logo and the wavy midsole gives it a modern look. It is the same enlarged N logo that the brand it’s been using on their more modern models like the 327 or the 237. Many of the original versions featured reflective 3M detailing, something that my pair did not have.The toe box is roomy and nicely ventilated. There is just enough cushioning in the heel area and tongue which adds to the plushy feel. Overall, the upper feels very solid rising to the manufacturing standards we’ve gotten used to expect from New Balance. It is a shoe that you can wear on warm or cold days as long as it’s not wet outside. 

Sole Unit 

The sole unit of the 57/40 features a midsole that combines elements of the 80’s and 90’s to give the shoe a whole new look. The ENCAP system from the classic 574 has been replaced with the wavy EVA on the first layer of the midsole which serves for containment in addition to its aesthetics. It adds great stability to the shoe and makes for a great footbed. Just underneath is the second layer of foam which is softer, much like the original but with new looks. Lastly the outsole features some enlarged logs that are in sync with the bold upper look and adds even more durability to the shoe. Doing the New Balance 57/40 review made it clear to us that this is a casual sneaker but surely a quite versatile one. You can use it for any light athletic activities, in the gym or outdoors. The removable insole is quite thin and adds very little cushioning but overall the shoe offers good arch support and tends to mold to your feet, much like the old 574.

New Balance 5740 blue women2

New Balance 5740 blue women3

Bottom Line

To conclude our New Balance 57/40 review, this is an excellent addition to the series and surely to become a classic in itself. For $110 (and often on sale under $80) you get a stylish shoe that you can do everything with, you can even turn it into a beater shoe, it will last for a while. It provides good support for long hours being a stylish, dependable shoe. If you’re looking for a more lightweight shoe that’s also cheaper these days check out the New Balance 515

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