A new casual street favorite, the New Balance 327 makes the subject of our review section this week. This sneaker was introduced in 2020 as part of a new wave from New Balance that looked to align the brand more with the younger generation and shift away from the dad shoes styles that they’ve been known for. Aside from pulling some retros from their vault like the the 550, the brand also introduced some new lifestyle sneakers like the 9060997H or the 237, with the 327 standing out among them. Originally priced at $90, it was a no-brainer for many to at least give it a try. This was mainly due to its sleek, clean design that draws inspiration from the 320,355 and the SuperComp, all styles from the late 70’s.

Are New Balance 327 true to size?

Recently we got in our warehouse several colorways both in men’s and women’s versions. New Balance made some of these just for women (like the leopard print from the pictures) but the rest have been advertised as Unisex; in this case women being advised to get 1.5 size smaller than their normal sizes.

Out of the box the shoe looks very stylish and very comfortable on feet. We immediately noticed how someone with a wide forefoot or midfoot may have an issue with these as they run a bit narrow. They are very flexible with no need to break them in. My usual size worked just fine so I can surely say that the run was true to size. If you are not sure about what size you need you can check out this New Balance size chart.

New Balance 327 WS327SD white leopard beige

New Balance 327 WS327SD white leopard beige print2


The New Balance 327 upper is made of a combination of light padded nylon and suede which gives it that retro vibe some modern styles have. The upper feels very breathable which makes it an ideal summer sneaker. There is light padding around the ankle area and tongue. A signature part of this design is the oversized logo that goes in sync to the elongated outsole that goes all the way up the ankle. It is the same logo that in 2021 New Balance used on the 57/40 and the 237, among others. Initially some have criticized this look but clearly New Balance knew what they were doing, given the recent trends. Now, the proven success the shoe has had for the past 3 years clearly shows that it was a winner move. Given the upper construction it is clear that the brand made no effort in making out of this shoe anything else but a fashion sneaker to be worn casually.

Sole Unit 

New Balance did not include any of its latest midsole technologies in the design of this shoe, likely to keep the price down. It features a standard, removable EVA insole that sits on top of a foam midsole that is bulkier in the forefront and heel with a narrow area in the midfoot. This helps make the shoe super light and flexible. Casual , everyday wear is what these are clearly made for. We quickly concluded during this New Balance 327 review that running in these or taking them to the gym is not ideal as they have no room for added support. They are a lot like the original New Balance 530 model in this regard. However, if you’re on a budget and maybe looking for something more lightweight you can check out the New Balance 515

New Balance 327 WS327SD white leopard beige print3

New Balance 327 WS327SD white leopard beige print4

Are New Balance 327 good for running?

No, the New Balance 327 is not recommended for running. They lack room for added support, and the design focuses on casual wear rather than athletic performance. The sole unit features a standard foam midsole without any technology that would provide the necessary support and cushioning for running activities.

Are New Balance 327 comfortable?

The New Balance 327 is very comfortable for everyday wear. The upper is made of a combination of light padded nylon and suede, providing a breathable and stylish design. The shoe is flexible, and there is no need to break them in. However, it’s worth noting that individuals with a wide forefoot or midfoot may find them a bit narrow, so comfort may vary depending on foot shape.

Bottom Line 

All in all, to conclude our New Balance 327 review, this is a stylish sneaker that could be part of any rotation, except those with wide feet or in need of extra arch support. In 2022 their price went up to $100 but they still remain a top option in this price range. While the quality of the materials are not great they are still a very solid shoe that will last.