If you’re still trying to decide between the New Balance 9060 and the Nike V2K you’re not alone. These two are some of the most popular sneakers on the market nowadays. Why is that? The early 2000’s inspired models are in high demand nowadays and these two, despite being released in the past couple of years, have all the ingredients to match this trend. Both have been inspired from classic sneakers and both have new technologies added for enhancing comfort. They have a bulky, retro look mixing old and new elements that appeal to the new generations. There is a bit of a price difference between the two therefore some may wonder if paying more is worth it. In this article we’ll have a look at some particulars of these two models and hopefully help you decide.

Design & Style 

In terms of design both of these models follow in the footsteps of their brand’s classics from early 2000, the so called Y2K sneakers. The uppers are made of mesh and leather or synthetic overlays while the sole unit is bulky. The New Balance 9060 is much heavier than the Nike V2K (almost 4 oz difference) so if this may be a factor for you the first one may be a winner. For me, however, as a guy it does not bother me and the 9060 feel more masculine to me. If you are a female, the V2K may make more sense when it comes to design only. In many ways this is much of a tie, at least in this regard.

Comfort and fit

When it comes to comfort, it pretty much comes down to a matchup between the Amzorb and Cushlon 3.0 midsole cushioning. For me the V2K felt more comfortable, at least from the get go. The New Balance 9060 needs a bit of break in to get the best out of it. The V2K upper is also more flexible and forgiving if you have a weird foot shape or just slightly wide footed. Here, for me the Nike V2K has a slight advantage.

New Balance 9060 Review

Durability and Quality

Both of these sneakers seem pretty durable but the New Balance 9060 is simply a more solid shoe and surely will last you longer. It is one of the reasons why you pay $30-$40 more than for the V2K. The upper for the 9060 features leather and suede overlays while the V2K is all synthetic leather. The sole unit is also more solid built, with layers of Abzorb but also a harder rubber material for the outsole that elongates in the upper. For me the New Balance 9060 is the winner in this department. 

Performance and Functionality

The Nike V2K and the New Balance 9060 are both lifestyle sneakers and not much of a performance shoe. But they both have a certain versatility when it comes to other activities you can use them for. In this regard the Nike V2K seems to me a shoe that is more versatile, given that it is more lightweight and comfortable overall. It is not as stable as the 9060 but I think it offers more as an athletic shoe.

Nike V2K Run Review

Price and Value for the money

As mentioned above, one retails for $120 while the other for $150. In this regard the Nike V2K seems a winner but it does not make the choice much easier. You pay more for premium materials and extra durability for the 9060 so if these aspects are important to you it is worth paying extra. That being said, for me the Nike V2K offers a better value for your money overall.


In conclusion, these two sneakers both offer an excellent value for the money spent , despite having a significantly different retail price. Despite the above, as a guy I still prefer the New Balance 9060. The Nike V2K seems a rather feminine silhouette for me. So if you are a lady, it comes down to your priorities and budget when choosing between the two.