Y2K inspired sneakers are trending this year, with the Nike V2K and the Vomero 5 being at the top of the list. Given their similar looks and style it is natural to wonder which one to get. The Vomero 5 was introduced in 2011 while the Nike V2K is a much newer model from 2023, yet with similar features. In this article I ‘ll try to touch on some of the most important aspects that would help someone decide. 

Design and Style 

The Nike V2K and the Vomero 5, at a first look are very similar. Both feature a combination of mesh with synthetic overlays with classic seams along with a plastic TPU cage that connects the lacing with the midsole. However, because of the bulky heel midsole of the V2K this sneaker has become more appealing to the ladies, despite Nike advertising it as unisex. So for me as a guy, the Vomero 5 is more appealing from this point of view.

Comfort and fit  

When it comes to comfort, at a first try , both provide a similar experience. The upper mesh provides similar comfort in terms of fit and breathability while the midsole is for both mainly made of Cushlon foam which is very comfortable. However, as the price difference suggests, the Vomero 5 has something extra – hidden – Air Zoom units in the midsole. This comes into play when you’re actually taking these for a run or long walks as they will give you a boost and keep your feet from getting tired. However, if you’re only looking for a lifestyle sneaker the V2K is great in terms of comfort so it may not be worth it paying the extra $40 for the Vomero 5.

Nike Vomero 5 white

Durability and Quality 

As mentioned above both sneakers feature similar materials so it is much of a tie in this regard. While the leather overlays are made of synthetic materials they hold up very well, with the seams and the TPU cages and plastic shank doing a great job in holding the shoes together. However, because of the retail price the V2K may have a slight advantage in this regard. 

Performance and Functionality 

When it comes to performance both the Nike V2K and the Vomero 5 do a great job in terms of comfort, lockdown and stability given by the cushioning tech available and the plastic parts in the midfoot . These features add versatility to both of these sneakers. However the difference is made by the Vomero 5 two Air Zoom units placed in the heel and forefoot. This takes this model to another level of versatility , being a great running shoe, even 12 years after its release. So if you are looking for a shoe that you can also take to the gym or for long walks or runs, the Vomero 5 is the way to go in my opinion.

Nike V2K Triple black4

Price and Value for the money

The $40 price difference will likely persuade many to go for the V2K model, especially if you are a lady looking to wear some trendy sneakers. For guys, however, the added Air Zoom units on the Vomero 5, combined with the more gender neutral shape of the midsole may make it worth it to spend the extra money. 


All in all, when it comes to choosing between the Nike V2K and the Vomero, for me the winner is the latter. But this is mainly because these two sneakers appeal to females and males differently. The V2K is categorized by many guys as “dad’s shoes” , given their Y2K vibes and some of the colorways they were originally released in 2023. But for ladies it’s a whole different story as these have blown on social media as a popular fashion sneaker, in the context of other similar models like the New Balance 530 or the Nike P-6000 being also very trendy. So for ladies, the V2K may make more sense in many of the aspects presented above.