The Nike Air Max 2021 is here and since we’ve got a pair this week we’ll take a closer look and review its features. Due to the chain supply issues caused by the Covid pandemic this sneaker was not released like many of its predecessors on Air Max Day but later on in August of that year. It continues the trends Nike has been on for the Air Max line, being close to the 2090 design released the previous year and the 270. Same as the Nike Air Max Pre-Day released the same year,  it was made part of the “Move to Zero” campaign of that year, being made of at least 20% recycled materials. With a futuristic look and an environmentally conscious concept this sneaker looks and feels like a step forward to what’s next in the footwear world.

How They Fit

We got our hands on the triple black version of this shoe that was released in 2022. It arrived in the cardboard color box specific for the Next Nature sneakers but surprisingly it did have a paper inside the box unlike the others from this line. Out of the box the shoes look very modern, with the oversized Air Max unit standing out. Bulky sneakers have been trending for some time now and Nike has been a champion of oversizing its Air Max unit as a result. The shoes feel super comfortable from the get go, they fit true to size and need no break in. If not sure on what size to get you can check out our Nike shoes size chart here

Nike Air Max 2021 Triple black DH4245 0022

Nike Air Max 2021 Triple black DH4245 0023


The upper of the Nike Air Max 2021 is made of a one piece of ripstop nylon with a synthetic leather heel overlay. The seamless upper has many similarities to the 2090, featuring various details imprinted on the fabric made possible by the newer technologies from the brand. It is a move away from the classic leather overlays of the retro sneakers that gives them a clean, stylish look but also offer enhanced comfort. The feet mold nicely on these even if the ripstop material doesn’t feel as elastic as most of the other mesh materials used by Nike. This material is known to be more durable and harder to come apart all while delivering enhanced breathability and comfort. The lacing system adds to the stylish look of the shoe, with hiker like laces enclosed in a layer of synthetic materials around it and a pull tab piece that elongates all the way to the forefront. There is plenty of room in the toe box although those with wide feet will surely disagree.

Sole Unit

The overall shape of the sole unit is very similar to the Air Max 270, with a bulky, sturdier back and a softer front with an aerodynamic shape that gets you pushed forward with every step. It is a feeling that some love and others not so much, especially those who used to wear classic sneakers with a flat sole. In many ways liking this shoe comes down to this aspect. The Air Max unit sole shape is surely eye-catching, with a double chamber concealed partially by a TPU chamber. Nike used the same concept for these as they did with the LeBron 19 sneaker. Those looking to gain some height and some spring in their feet will love these. It is pretty much the same unit Nike used for the Air Max TW in 2022. What we’ve come to realize during our Nike Air Max 2021 review is that this oversized unit in the heel limits its versatility and makes it a clear fashion lifestyle sneaker. The forefront of the sole unit is made of a soft material that seems to be Cushlon that is quite plushy but it lacks some serious support that you may need in the gym.

Nike Air Max 2021 Triple black DH4245 0021

Nike Air Max 2021 Triple black DH4245 0024

Bottom Line

To conclude our review of the Nike Air Max 2021 , these are great for those looking for a modern lifestyle sneaker that they can wear casually. They offer excellent support for long hours and they are very comfortable. While the $160 retail price tag may be a turn off for many, it can be found on sale nowadays at a price that offers a bit more value. It is a sneaker that is in step with the current fashion trends, with a bulky, futuristic look, one that will surely get you noticed.