The Nike Air Max 270 React is a sneaker that we have been keen to review for quite some time here at Soleracks. The sneaker community had generated a lot of hype leading up to its release date, especially within the comfort department. Air Max and React, two of Nike’s very established and highly popular brand lines have teamed up to offer a new and exciting take on the infamous 270 silhouette. 

Upon first glance, the sneaker looks like a great contender for the lifestyle category within the shoe rotation. Spoilt for choice, most Air Max 270 React models have been equipped with Nike’s new vibrant colour palette, providing for endless outfit possibilities. Here we take a look at the Oracle Aqua colourway with hints of white, black and ghost green.

A lifestyle shoe through and through, the sneaker is versatile enough to be paired with jeans, trackpants and even shorts. The colourways offer summertime vibes and it goes without saying that Nike had targeted this market as the release was scheduled for July 2019.

CT1265 300 Air Max 270 React 5

CT1265 300 Air Max 270 React 3

CT1265 300 Air Max 270 React 1


There’s a lot to be said about the upper of this shoe. The designers have perfected the layering aesthetic without making the shoe too overwhelming. The base layer is made from a synthetic cloth and this model in particular offers a mesh style pattern, reminiscent of the Nike Air Jordan 4 side windows. Hues of green and turquoise are then added to the base of the sneaker to help the shoe flow from top to bottom in one pleasing transition. 

Nike have revisited the lacing structure and incorporated a rope style lace and industrial style eyelets which overlay the upper. This gives the shoe a cool ‘utility’ style look and can compliment a techwear outfit greatly.

As for comfort, the upper is as expected. It’s comfortable, but nothing to shout about. It hugs your foot and offers good breathability, but we can’t help but feel that comfort could be improved if Nike worked on a Flyknit version. The Air Max 270 runs true to size , however , if you are not sure what size to get you can check the Nike shoes size chart here

Sole Unit

Now for the exciting part of the shoe and what the streets are all talking about. The midsole is a hybrid between Nike’s Air Max 270 and the Nike React. The heel of the shoe takes on the oversized air unit which proved a huge success and is extremely comfortable (see our review on the Nike Air Max 270). Whilst the forefoot and outsole of the sneaker takes on the React technology, one that Nike used mostly on their runners like the React Inifinity 3.  

On paper, this sounds a match made in heaven in terms of comfort, and upon first wear that statement runs true. However, after a few wears you will find that the transition between heel and forefoot isn’t quite right. This is most apparent when walking as the sneaker angles your foot somewhat unnaturally. A small disappointment considering how great the shoe looks and how well the standard Air Max 270 performed. In 2023 Nike fixed this issue when they came with the Air Max Pulse, a similar model but with a retro twist and improved heel to toe transition. 

CT1265 300 Air Max 270 React 2

CT1265 300 Air Max 270 React 4

Bottom Line

To conclude this Nike Air Max 270 React review, this is a great looking shoe that features the latest technology from Nike. It’s an excellent everyday sneaker but it seems to be a hit or miss for many. If you are a neutral pronator and you tend to land on your heels with every stride you’re more likely to enjoy the Air Max and React combination. In terms of exercising these can do well in the gym but you have to keep in mind that the midsole support is limited. The 270 React is a shoe that will grow on you if you want to give it a chance and surely can become your favorite sneaker in your rotation. The retail price of $160 seems a bit steep and understandably sets up expectations but luckily you can often find these on sale. If unsure about the size you need you can use this Nike size chart to help you decide.