This week we’ll have a look and review the features of one of the most popular classics, the Nike Air Max 95. This model was designed by Sergio Lozano in 1995 and it featured an innovative design at that time, with a multi layered upper and visible Air Max units both in the heel and forefoot which was a first for Nike sneakers. The shoe also was a bold departure from the conventional sneaker colorways at the time with distinctive gradient gray upper and yellow accents for the initial releases and many other similar color combinations in the years to come. While many were skeptical of such a new design concept the shoe became very popular with its unique look and the high level of comfort offered. Along with the Air Max 1, Air Max 90 and 97, the Air Max 95 is one of the most popular of the series. 

What is the Nike Air Max 95 Essential?

Over the years the Nike Air Max 95 has been released in countless iterations, collaborations and reinterpretations which solidified its status in the sneaker culture. Aside from its OG versions Nike came up with the “Essential” , “Ultra” and “Premium” editions of this shoe among others. The Nike Air Max 95 Essential is basically the same as the OG when it comes to looks and features. The OG versions are considered only the colorways that were released originally. When it comes to the “Ultra” version, this is a modernized design of the original, featuring a mostly seamless upper and a slimmer, streamlined sole. The Air Max 95 also gained at the time the nickname of 110 due to its original retail price in the UK, one that was considered quite high at the time for a pair of trainers.

How They Fit 

The Nike Air Max 95 are known to run true to size, however they run narrow. Those with wide feet may have some trouble with these, even when going a half size up. That is because they need a bit of a break in, both because of the sole and upper construction. If you are not sure about your Nike size in general you can check out this size chart.

Nike Air Max 95 Black White University Red 749766 039 sale 3

Nike Air Max 95 Black White University Red 749766 039 sale 5

Nike Air Max 95 Black White University Red 749766 039 sale 5


The upper design of the Nike Air Max 95 was inspired from the human body’s anatomy, featuring layered panels that resembled muscle fibers and ribs. The shoe has a slightly high profile that is one you’ll not find at the modern running shoes nowadays. Over the years there have been numerous materials used for the upper construction, with the suede, leather and mesh being most prevalent. While we did not test a particular version for this Nike Air Max 95 review we came across many over the years, like the one pictured in black, red and white. It is a great example of how Nike made these more fit for a warmer season by incorporating mesh as one of the side layers in addition to the top area. 

Sole Unit 

The sole unit of the Nike Air Max 95 features visible Air Max units in the heel and forefront encapsulated by polyurethane material. It was a step in the evolution of the Air Max series, from just an unit in the heel to a full length unit in the Air Max 98 and beyond. The 95 however, compared to the 97 it’s much more comfortable due to the way they were designed. The heel unit was done so it will absorb impact but also balance the cushioning among the chambers to adapt to any pronation. The TPU shank adds stability and a smooth transition to the forefoot where the 2nd Air Max unit is set up in strides, visible on the outsole.For this reason, to this day this sneaker is considered one of the most comfortable classic sneakers. In 1988 Nike used this shoe as inspiration to come up with the Nike Air Max Plus which has a very similar sole unit. 

Nike Air Max 95 Black White University Red 749766 039 sale 4

Nike Air Max 95 Black White University Red 749766 039 sale 1

Nike Air Max 95 Black White University Red 749766 039 sale 1

Bottom Line

To conclude our Nike Air Max 95 review, this sneaker continues to be one of the most sought for retros out there for a good reason. Aside from its unique, distinctive design it also offers excellent comfort and excellent arch support. It is a model that inspired the design of many others , from retros to more modern iterations like the P-6000. While it is no longer a viable option for running, these are great as a day to day casual sneaker, in school or when you want to sport a retro look. There are countless colorways available for the whole family, with the men’s version retailing nowadays for $175.