The Nike P-6000 is one of the latest models from the swoosh brand to make it into our review section this month. Recently we got a pair of this model in white, red and black, one of the original colorways released in 2019 and brought back in 2024. While somewhat under the radar given the lack of any collabs with any celebrities, this model is still one very much cherished by the sneakerheads community and beyond because of its cool looks, comfort and excellent value offered. 


Rooted in Nike’s rich heritage of innovation and design excellence, the Nike P-6000 pays homage to the brand’s iconic running shoes of the early 2000s. It is in essence a fusion of the Pegasus 25 and the Pegasus 2006 models, Nike taking the best of them to come up with this new model that is mainly built as an all around everyday shoe.  It was first introduced in 2019 at a time when the market saw a surge of the Y2K inspired models that also include the Nike Vomero 5 and the New Balance 530 among many others. 

How they fit

The Nike P-6000 fits true to size with a roomy toe box that will even accommodate those with wider feet. Going a half size up for wide footers is still a good idea to be on the safe side, given that the shoes get a bit narrow in the front. The way the shoe is built wraps around nicely to your feet with no need to break them in. Overall they are not narrow as many Nike runners are so they are very comfortable from the get go. If unsure about your size you can check out our Nike shoes size chart here.

Nike P 6000 Review 2



Upper & Sole Tech 

The upper of the Nike P-6000 is similar to the one from the Nike Pegasus 2006 only with a slightly bigger Swoosh logo. The upper is made of a mesh base with synthetic overlays similar to the V2K model which has a very old school look with a futuristic vibe given by the metallic finish most of the versions have. The mesh is very breathable and the overlays give a ribbed cage look to the shoe which translates into enhanced lockdown and durability. Notably, in addition to the Swoosh branding the shoe features the Bowerman series logo on the tongue, a throwback to the co-founder of the Nike brand. 

The sole of the Nike P-6000 is heavily inspired from the one from the Pegasus 25, at least when it comes to the midsole. The shoe does not feature any special technology , being made of an engineered EVA foam that feels great in terms of cushioning. The outsole features a rubber material that provides excellent grip, certainly good enough for an everyday shoe. Prior to writing this review I took them around the city and even in the gym and they felt great, a true versatile shoe at a decent retail price.



Are Nike P-6000 running shoes? 

While the Nike P-6000 draws inspiration from classic running shoe designs, it is more accurately categorized as a lifestyle sneaker rather than a dedicated performance running shoe. Although it retains some features reminiscent of running shoes, such as its lightweight construction and sleek profile, the P-6000 prioritizes style and everyday comfort over specialized running functionality. Therefore, while you could wear them for light jogging or casual runs, they are not designed for serious running enthusiasts or competitive athletes.

Are Nike P-6000 good for walking?

Yes, the Nike P-6000 is well-suited for walking, including long walks. Its comfortable cushioning, supportive construction, and lightweight design make it a suitable choice for extended periods of walking. The shoe provides adequate stability and impact absorption, which are essential for maintaining comfort during prolonged walks. 

Bottom Line 

In conclusion for this review, the Nike P-6000 emerges as a versatile and compelling option in the realm of lifestyle footwear. Its seamless blend of retro-inspired design elements with modern comfort features makes it a standout choice for sneaker enthusiasts and casual wearers alike. Beyond its stylish appearance, the P-6000 offers exceptional value, providing a combination of quality craftsmanship, comfort, and performance at an accessible price point. Whether you’re exploring city streets, embarking on long walks, or simply looking to elevate your everyday style, the Nike P-6000 delivers on all fronts. With its undeniable comfort, timeless aesthetic, and impressive versatility, this sneaker proves to be a worthy addition to any footwear rotation. If not convinced and looking for a cheaper alternative, the Nike Initiator is one worth checking out.