Just recently I got another pair of the Nike Air Max LTD 3 in Team USA colors, a good time to review the features of this sneaker I’ve own in many colors over the years. As one of the classic runners of the last two decades, the Nike Air Max LTD sneaker have always drawn attention with its stylish, classic look. Originally released in 2002 as the main edition of the Air Max series of that year, this shoe has been a constant presence on the market with literally no hype around it. I’ve owned several pairs over the years and I’ve always felt drawn to buy one whenever I saw a good deal. This spring that opportunity came around once again and I decided to buy two pairs of the current -3rd edition of this shoe, compare them and ultimately stick with one. I went with the golden kaki pair and with the black/cognac that was released as part of the Nike “Wood” collection last year. The latter is the pair I ultimately kept and I will tell you why in this review.

The Nike Air Max LTD 3 is a sneaker that stands out with its clean, streamlined look. They were first introduced as running shoes but nowadays it’s hard to see anyone doing any serious running in these. I’ve used them a few times in the gym but I always felt that these are at their best as walking/casual shoes.

Nike Air Max LTD Review Wood Collection 695484 064 main

Nike Air Max LTD Review Team USA


Aside of the looks, the two pairs I got have different materials upper; one is all suede while the other is mesh with synthetic materials. Traditionally the Nike Air Max LTD sneakers are made of leather or suede. This makes them not that breathable and they are not so great for running or exercising in general. Nike did came up recently, however, with mesh versions of these but that took away of its classic vibe. The black and cognac pair is a mix of mesh and synthetic leather that for me was the right balance and the main factor why I stuck with these. For this Nike Air Max LTD review the pair I got were much easier to break in compared to my previous pairs, thus not as stiff. The narrow toebox was much easier to accommodate with, they felt lighter and much more breathable than the khaki pair. The oversized branding on the sides fit well with the linear design of this shoe, giving it a unique, retro look among the others in the Air Max line.

Sole Unit

The sole construction of the Nike Air Max LTD is a classic one, in line with the other shoes from its era. Its main feature is, of course, the visible Air Max unit that takes about a third of the midsole. I always felt that the heel unit gave me some extra height so for those looking for a boost in that department this is certainly a plus. The rest of the midsole is made of polyurethane. While not the lightest cushion material, it is known for its longevity and I can attest from my previous LTD’s that the shoe stayed comfortable over time, even getting better at the beginning. The outsole is flat and a bit wider than the rest of the shoe, being made of durable rubber. It adds some traction but mainly durability to the shoe. On top of these sits a removable EVA insole that adds some more cushion in the mix. All in all, the entire sole unit offers a balance of comfort and support that is good enough for standing or walking for long hours but doesn’t excel in sport activities.

Nike Air Max LTD Review Wood Collection 695484 064 back

Nike Air Max LTD Review Wood Collection 695484 064 sole

Bottom line

To conclude this Nike Air Max LTD review, if you are looking for a sneaker and you don’t have wide feet this one may work great for you. For some they may not fit well out of the box but after a while it can became your next favorite shoe. They are not the lightest sneakers but certainly are among the durable ones. There is a reason why new versions come out every year; the catch the eye and they will certainly make you stand out in the crowd.

The Nike Air Max LTD earned its place among the classics of its time with a stylish, distinct look. I would not be surprised if Nike will give it a major makeover sometimes soon; the original design has a lot of potential to be modernized. The retail price for these is $120, a good value for what you get. However, you can find some colorways on sale most of the time for as low as $70-$80. You can check out the link above for the latest versions and deals for the Nike Air Max LTD.