Today we’re taking a look and reviewing the features of the On THE ROGER Spin sneaker, one of the latest from the series. After more than two decades with Nike, in 2019 Roger Frederer started a collaboration with On Running, a footwear company from his home country, Switzerland. Roger also became part owner in the brand and got involved in designing some of the models in this series. In 2020 THE ROGER Advantage sneaker was introduced, followed in the next few years by several other models. Among these is the Spin sneaker which is in many ways a new take on the Advantage design. If the latter is made of vegan leather upper, the Spin features a breathable mesh upper. 

How They Fit 

The pair we came across was the all white upper with blue accents, the first colorway released for this new sneaker. First off we must say that the shoes are made of at least 25% recycled material and the box it comes with has a minimalistic design for this same reason. It was a bit disappointing to see that the box was not a bit more personalized, even with the recycled cardboard box there are many possibilities. Out of the box the shoes look very sleek with a true luxury feel. They fit true to size with a roomy toe box. Those who have been getting On Running shoes (like the Cloudnova we recently took a look at) know that the shoes from this brand tend to run small compared to most brands and as a result they’ve been going up half a size. This is not the case with this model, the same size you get with Nike or Adidas should work with these. If you’re not sure about your On Running shoes size you can check out this size chart

On Pickleball Shoes 2

On Pickleball Shoes 3


The upper of the On THE ROGER Spin is made of a smooth mesh material with different densities to provide optimal air flow but also add support where is needed. The shoes do a great job in terms of breathability. This sneaker is in essence the mesh version of the On Court Advantage, making it a better match for warm weather. The sneaker features some synthetic overlays that some said looks like cheap plastic but I strongly disagree with that. These surely look like an upgrade to the ones we see at the other sneakers on the market today. The shoes have an interesting setup with a padding collar that wraps around your ankles with the tongue going on top. This is a design that adds a lot of support in that area but it may take some time to get used to. From the first time we took these on as we were doing the On THE ROGER Spin review we noticed that these feel very different from the running shoes from this company. 

On Pickleball Shoes 1

On THE Roger Spin Review 2

Sole Unit 

The sole unit on this model is basically the same as the one from the Court Advantage. It is one that has a completely different look than the usual On Running shoes that have the Cloudtec chambers on display. For the On THE ROGER Spin sneaker the brand used this technology only in the back of the shoe, with these chambers only being visible from the inside of the outsole. The front features an EVA foam which is likely to be the signature Helion superfoam, yet the brand doesn’t mention this detail. Lastly, the Speedboard plate runs along the whole midsole , this being in essence a stability plate which adds to the springy feel of the Cloudtech. The shoe has a 6mm heel to toe drop which makes it a pretty flat shoe. They are very comfortable but they are surely more of a lifestyle sneaker than anything else. Given that their design was inspired from tennis shoes and that they feature some advanced technology, using these for tennis or pickleball would be recommended. 

Bottom Line 

All in all, to conclude my On THE ROGER Spin review, these are an excellent sneaker to wear every day casually or even take them on the tennis court. They are very comfortable and breathable but they have a different feeling than the usual On Running shoes. Those looking to find the same level of comfort and versatility from the Cloud 5 or Cloudnova may be disappointed. The design on these is , however exquisite and they are a better match for those looking for a more clean, distinct looking shoe with a retro vibe that can be worn in their everyday activities, for walking and on the tennis court.