When it comes to getting the best On Cloud shoes for walking you it may be a challenge given how many styles the brand offers nowadays. Ever since they came up on the market in 2010 the Swiss footwear brand has added to their lineup to expand their reach. Much like Nike and Adidas, the On Running brand is now creating versatile shoes that go beyond just the running shoes niche. As they say “Movement is a lifestyle” so their newer products reflect this philosophy. 

When it comes to shoes for walking, pretty much all models from the brand can be recommended to some extent or another. Several models, however, stand out more when it comes to lifestyle sneakers that you can take pretty much anywhere with you, even to the gym if needed. They all feature the signature Cloudtec cushioning, Helion superfoam and the built in Speedboard plate. Combined with a street aesthetic design all these deliver what you most want from the On Cloud shoes for walking; support, cushion and responsiveness. While you may pay a prime price for these, at the end of the day you will get most of your exercise, feel more energized and your feet will surely feel less tired.

On Cloud 5 waterproof black

On Cloud 5

Retail Price: $140

The On Cloud 5,  impresses with its lightweight design and innovative quick lacing system. Weighing just under 10 oz, it features a slightly padded mesh upper with synthetic overlays, providing breathability and a snug fit. The signature Cloudtech technology in the sole unit, supported by Zero-Gravity foam and a Speedboard plate, offers enhanced energy return, making it ideal for daily wear and short runs. Notably, the shoe lacks waterproofing, but On Running offers a Waterproof version for wetter conditions. The On Cloud 5 excels as a comfortable, versatile everyday shoe, that is great for long walks to keep your feet away from getting tires too fast.

On Cloudswift 3 AD

On Cloudswift 3 AD

Retail Price: $160

The On Cloudswift is one of the best On Cloud walking shoes due to its enhanced stability and smooth ride.It was first introduced in 2019 and it was improved over the past few years to get to what it is today. With a heel to toe drop of just 5mm this shoe offers a low ride that is stable and smooth. The signature piece of design for this shoe is the side strap which connects the lacing system to the midsole for an enhanced lockdown fit that comes handy when going to the gym. While on the firmer side the shoe strikes an excellent comfortable, balanced ride.

On Cloudnova gray green

On Cloudnova

Retail Price: $169

First released in 2020, the Cloudnova features a nice design that aligns it with many of today’s lifestyle sneakers from more established brands. It has a higher profile with an elongated tongue and higher heel which gives it a nice, stylish look. While these are not much of a performance running shoe they are still quite versatile. The model has had so much success that the On brand came up with some spin offs like the Flux and the Form which feature small adjustments on the upper mesh while keeping the overall silhouette.

On Cloudeasy sneakers

On Cloudeasy

Retail Price: $129

One of the latest models from this list is the On Cloudeasy, a shoe that features a minimalistic look with a sock like fit and  the Cloudtec cushioning placed only in the heel area. This look seems similar to the one from an Air Max model which often follows the same setup. The forefront cushioning is solely provided by the Helion superfoam supercharged by the Speedboard plate just above it. The result is a super lightweight, comfortable shoe that makes up for the ultimate everyday shoe.

On Cloud walking shoes

On Cloud X 3

Retail Price: $150

On Cloud X is another excellent choice when it comes to walking shoes from the Swiss brand. They took the Cloud 5 running shoe model and made a few small changes to add stability and support and they came up with this model. The midsole was re-engineered to be shaped like a cupsole on the upper side and thus adding more versatility. This way the On Cloud X is not only good for running but also for cross training and other gym activities. If you like your On Cloud runners this one has all that plus something extra to make it an excellent all around shoe.

On Cloudnova Flux white black blue

On Cloudnova Flux

Retail Price: $160

The On Cloudnova Flux is a lifestyle sneaker that could not miss from our list for best On Cloud walking shoes. This model mixes elements from the Cloudnova and the Cloudeasy shoes. The result is a stylish lifestyle sneaker that is lightweight, comfortable and provides a smooth heel to toe transition. The Cloudtec cushion provides soft landings while the Speedboard plate and the Helion foam give you a nice boost with every step. The shoe looks a lot like a modern spin off an Air Max shoe without all the hype and weight.

All in all, finding the best On Cloud walking shoes is looking at the slight details as each model is offering something a little different than the others. These are also great shoes to wear for long hours given the support they provide. Medical staff often regards some of these as some of the best shoes to wear during long shifts.  If you are looking for a more clean look the On The Roger Spin is surely another one to consider. However, if you’re intro trail running there’s the On Cloudvista . Given how fast this brand is expanding we can only expect these to get even better with time and even for new models to come out. If still in doubt, you can also check the HOKA ONE ONE Clifton L which is in about the same price range with many of these and provide similar or even better comfort.