The Puma Suede Classic, one of the most iconic sneakers in history, is the subject of our review section today. This style from the German manufacturer was introduced in 1968, the same as the Puma Roma, another renowned silhouette. Initially it was named Puma Crack and later on Clyde but as it settled in as the flagship sneaker the brand finally named it Puma Suede classic and it’s been like this ever since. Like most retros of that era it was advertised at first as a basketball shoe with players like Walt Frazier wearing them on the court. It was quickly assimilated into the street culture of the 80’s being preferred at some point by breakdancers and skateboarders, among others. Fast forward to present day Puma Suede Classic is a favorite among those looking to rock a retro look, being a casual, every day shoe that many prefer to the more modern looks. Puma Suede is to the brand what the Superstar is for Adidas or the Cortez for Nike

How They Fit

We got our hands on a pair in red and beige that we found on sale well under its $70 retail price. First thing you’ll notice with these is the quality of the materials and craftsmanship. Despite the low price Puma have kept the quality of these impeccable. They look like a very solid pair that will last. They run true to size yet a bit narrow. Therefore for those with wide feet these may need to go half size up and even then a bit of a break in period may be in need. Unsure about your size? You can check out a Puma shoes size chart here

Puma Classic Suede Review

Puma Classic Suede Red 2


As its name suggests the upper is made of quality suede that gives it durability and a distinct look. The design is very simple which is much why this style, like many of its counterparts, is still relevant today. It served as a blueprint for most sneakers released by Puma since the 70’s. The lace system expands to the toe area which helps with adjusting them for wider feet but also adds some air flow, much needed given that the shoe only features a few perforations on the side. The Puma Suede Classic features synthetic leather in the ankle collar and tongue for a smooth finish. We were not too deep into our Puma Suede Classic review before it became clear that their court days are long gone. 

Sole Unit 

The sole unit of the Puma Suede classic is made of a rubber cupsole , much like any shoe in that era. It features a removable EVA insole that is mostly responsible for the cushioning you’ll get from these. It wears out quite fast but you can always replace it with a new one, especially given that the rest of the shoe will stand the test of time even if you make these your beaters. The arch support is very basic which means standing up in these for long hours is not the best idea. They do make great school shoes or casual sneakers in general and they still have some degree of versatility when it comes to athletic activities. 

Puma Classic Suede Red 3

Puma Classic Suede Red 1

Bottom Line 

To conclude our Puma Suede Classic Review, this is still one of the best retro sneakers on the market today, much like the Adidas Campus , the Reebok Classic Leather or the Nike Blazer. Even if there is no notable modern technology incorporated in them, they offer a great value given that they retail for only $70. They are stylish, comfortable for casual wear and they will last.