The adidas Adi2000 is one of the latest styles from the German footwear company, one that we’ll review today. Over the years Adidas has been converting some of its retro sneakers like the Forum or the Superstar into skate shoes. However, the Adi2000 is the first style that is specifically made for this purpose and it seems to be a homerun. First introduced at the end of 2021, it draws inspiration from the great skate shoes from the 2000’s made by Etnies, DC Shoes or Osiris both in terms of looks and construction. The skate shoes from that era have been recognized by skateboarders as being quite distinct with their features.

How They Fit

We got our hands on a pair in white, black and red , one that was released in 2022. Out of the box the shoes feel a bit heavy compared to regular sneakers but not as much when it comes to skate shoes in general. They look very cool, with the different contrasting colors outlining its upper materials. They are true to size and quite roomy overall. They mold on to your feet quite nicely to keep your feet in place, a much needed feature when using them for skateboarding. For comprehensive Adidas sizing chart you can check out this link

adidas ADI2000 red white black H034871

adidas ADI2000 red white black H034872


The upper for the pair we got is made of leather with suede overlays. However, there are versions of this shoe that feature a sturdy mesh instead of the leather which would be even better for warmer days. This combination of materials add durability to the shoe while the perforations in the forefoot and on the side provide some air flow. As you’d expect from a skate shoe they are heavily padded in the ankle area and tongue for a snug fit, cushioning that is much needed with every landing. It features a double lacing system with thick laces; you can lace these up two days depending on how much you want the laces (which come in 2 colors) to stand out and how snug you want to wear them. When we did this review for the adidas Adi2000 we consulted some actual skateboarders and they had nothing but glowing reviews on how they perform. Even for wearing casually these are a good option if you want to display a sporty look and you do not mind the extra cushioning. Other than this they are not necessarily a versatile shoe when it comes to sporting activities.

Sole Unit

The sole unit is the one of the retro sneakers where the classic EVA insole and midsole provide most of the cushioning. The rubber sole unit is enforced with stitching in the heel and forefront while the outsole has been designed with a pattern that ensures optimal grip on the skateboard while being all flat. There is nothing special about the sole unit when it comes to cushioning but it fits great with the rest of the design, with branding on the sides and on the outsole. 

adidas ADI2000 red white black H034873

adidas ADI2000 red white black H034874

Bottom Line

All in all, to conclude our short Adi2000 review, for their first true skate shoe, adidas has surely done a great job. Its retro looks combined with modern design elements makes this style one of the best on the market today in the skate shoes department. They can also be worn casually but they truly shine as a speciality shoe. Their $110 price tag seems to strike a good value for what this sneaker has to offer in terms of style, support and durability. If still not convinced you can check out the adidas Daily 3.0 , another versatile skate shoe at a much lower retail price.