Adidas Samba classic is another retro shoe that made it into our warehouse today, giving us a chance to revisit this style and review its features. This model is one of the best ever selling shoes in the history of the Adidas brand, along with the Superstar and Stan Smith. It has its origins in the 50’s, being designed as an indoor soccer shoe. It became more popular in the 70’s and 80’s once it was absorbed into the street culture. Given its stability it also became popular with skateboarders in the 90’s. Recently some celebrities like Jonah Hill were spotted wearing the Adidas Samba classic while also the brand came up with some special editions. This year is one again one of the most popular choice among adidas Originals retro shoes.

Are adidas Samba true to size?

The pair in 2023 is a version of the shoe that has been around for decades, the one in black, white and gum. It was nice to try one of these once again, they seem as fresh as ever. They fit true to size , yet they run a bit narrow. The pair we got is leather with suede which made it so I had to wear them around a bit to break them in. They are quite comfortable to walk around even if they do not have much cushioning in them. If unsure about what size you need, you can check out our Adidas shoes size chart here

adidas Samba black gum white1

adidas Samba black gum white3


The upper of the adidas Samba classic features a signature design that inspired the creation of new styles for generations. The T shaped suede overlay in the toe cap area and the elongated tongue are elements that are specific to this style. It is a look that many find easy to sport with any attire, casual or not. The combination of leather and suede makes it a quite durable shoe while the TPU heel counter adds stability to the shoe. Most of the cushioning is found in the ankle area while in the tongue is quite minimal. It makes for a comfortable shoe that feels great on and off the pitch. We realized quite fast during this adidas Samba classic review that unlike many sneakers from decades ago, this sneaker is still relevant as an indoor soccer shoe. 

Sole Unit 

The sole unit of the adidas Samba classic is quite minimal, being designed to give the wearer stability and a close to ground feel. Much like all retros there is a removable EVA insole that makes up for most of the cushioning in the sole when you first put these on. It wears out after a while, much faster than the rest of the shoe but that is why it is removable so you can get a fresh one. Just under it is the rubber sole that features a honeycomb pattern that is thinning out towards the forefront. It does a decent job with the heel to toe transition and the shock absorption especially under the heels. This whole setup makes it a good sneaker to wear casually, at school or for any light athletic activities. Since it lacks serious arch support it is not recommended to wear these where you need to stand up for long hours. 

adidas Samba black gum white2

adidas Samba black gum white4

Are Adidas Samba comfortable?

The Adidas Samba classic is comfortable for casual wear and light athletic activities. Despite having minimal cushioning, it offers a comfortable experience, making it suitable for walking around. The comfort extends to both on and off the pitch, contributing to its versatility.

Are Adidas Samba soccer shoes?

Yes, the Adidas Samba classic was originally designed as an indoor soccer shoe in the 1950s. Over the years, it has maintained its relevance in the realm of soccer footwear. Its distinctive features, such as the T-shaped suede overlay in the toe cap area and the elongated tongue, contribute to its identity as a soccer shoe. Despite its historical soccer roots, the Samba has transcended its initial purpose and gained popularity in street culture and among skateboarders in later decades.

Bottom Line

To conclude our adidas Samba classic review, it is clear why after so many decades it is still one of the most popular retro shoes on the market. The simplicity of the design makes it a versatile shoe not only in terms of matching it with your attire but also for how many activities you can still use it from.