Almost 4 years after its release I finally found the will to buy a pair of adidas Swift Run sneakers and got to review its features. The otherwise simple, not so exciting design was included by adidas among others on their branding series that spiced up many of their classics with oversized logos and lettering. Back in 2017 the brand came up with the Swift Run in an effort to enrich their lineup with a modern shoe that doesn’t break the bank. Among the usual classics and the new BOOST line there was quite a gap, at least as far as the price goes. The Swift Run, much like the Multix released in 2022 filled this gap as an all around shoe that is great for casual wear as well as for light training. 

In 2021 adidas introduced the X version that has a few small tweaks compared to the original version as far as looks but it stays true to the core to its design. It was one of these that I got my hands on with a colorway that stands out, in black with multicolor logos. Out of the box the shoe looks very slick and modern, lightweight and roomy , overall much more than you’d expect from a $85 sneaker.

adidas Swift Run Review

FZ4837 001 Swift Run black tricolor 5


The upper construction is one of a bootie with one piece of mesh that stays on top of the EVA midsole. This new technology from adidas is widely found on the more expensive models and it goes for the sock fit that molds on your foot for instant comfort. The shoe is effectively a slip on, with the lacing system playing more of a design element . Yes, you can tighten your foot with it but you almost don’t need to. The part where you put these on is where some with a wide feet may find it challenging but once in you’re ready to go. Adidas placed some stitching strategically in some areas that keeps the foot secure in place without compromising comfort. This is where you can find some differences from the original model and the X version but again these do not change much in terms of comfort. What I concluded during my adidas Swift Run review is that they provide just enough breathability, stability and comfort to use them pretty much in any occasion, casually , in the gym or running. 

Sole Unit

The sole unit is made of engineered EVA foam that is not as hard as the classic EVA but also not as soft as the newer BOOST midsole, something that some may consider a plus. By using this technology the brand managed to keep its price low without sacrificing style. The shape of the whole sole unit is one of a modern shoe that works perfectly with the one piece upper mesh. As with many of its other models using this technology, adidas added the Ortholite insole (which is glued on the inside). This adds durability to the cushioning that this shoe is offering all while blending perfectly with the comfort this shoe has to offer. The outsole is enforced with rubber material that adds durability and a decent grip. Its pattern is one of a running shoe but it is stable enough for light training in the gym. The Swift runs true to size, if you are not sure what size to get you can check out our adidas shoes size chart here.

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Bottom Line

To conclude our adidas Swift Run review, this is certainly one sneaker to consider if you’re looking for an all around shoe at a decent price. Generally we rate the sneakers for the value they offer for what you pay and this one is up there with some of the best. It has an excellent balance of looks, comfort and support that makes it a versatile shoe well in line with its price tag. If unsure about your size , you can check out our Adidas shoes size chart here