Converse has introduced a couple of years back the Converse Guard sneaker, another twist of its hi top All Star Chuck Taylor. There have been a couple of colorways that had some moderate success back in 2014 but the real break-thru was when the monochrome red, white and black were introduced the following year. These versions have been hugely popular, having several restocks at Journeys and they are still available to purchase now, almost two years after their release.

The Converse Guard sneaker features a oversized padded tongue with engraved logos that sets it apart from the rest of Chuck Taylors. It is a piece of design that inspired many other sneakers , such as the G2 Strap in 2017. The lacing system hugs the upper part of the shoe, adding some more swagger to it. There is a leather heel counter as well while the rest of the shoe is made of waxed canvas, a traditional choice for Hi top Converse All Star sneakers.

The Converse Guard sneaker is back again in 2021 in black and red . They are exclusively sold at Journeys. Check out the link below for more details.