This week we came across a pair of Converse Pro Blaze, making it a good time to get a closer look and review its features. This is a recent model from Converse, being a retro inspired everyday sneaker, much like the adidas Hoops 3.0 Mid or the Nike Blazer 77. The brand has been digging in their vault recently to come up with new silhouettes other than the Chuck Taylors, much like they did in 1993 with the Aero Jam. This sneaker is a result of this effort and it seems to be received quite well by the market, with versions for kids being introduced recently. The Converse Pro Blaze bears the Chevron Star logo, one that the brand used for a few years starting in 2007. Since its first release it was introduced in both low and mid versions.

How They Fit?

We got a men’s mid version of this shoe released in 2022 in black in white that features an atypical mix of leather and mesh upper which gives it a discrete, more sophisticated look. The shoes feel pretty heavy which is to be expected given how they are built. They fit true to size, about half size smaller than the Chuck Taylor sneakers. They are very comfortable from the get go with plenty of room for those with wider feet.

Converse Pro Blaze black white1 1

Converse Pro Blaze black white3


The upper of the Converse Pro Blaze mid is typically made of leather, this being designed as an everyday athletic shoe for the colder seasons. The pair we got, however, features a mesh material on the sides where the Chevron Star is placed. This is an interesting design feature, however it takes away from its utility, given that it is the only part of the shoe that can get your feet wet. The rest of the shoe doesn’t even have perforations for some air flow so the mesh part surely helps at least in that regard. While the air flow is not great , it keeps the feet nice and warm during cold days. The signature design piece for this model is the velcro strap that goes around the ankle which helps secure the foot in place for a lockdown fit. It is one that alludes to the basketball roots of this silhouette that has been used by many brands for so many models. 

Sole Unit

The midsole of this sneaker  is the typical rubber cupsole that we’ve seen over and over at most retro or retro inspired sneakers from the 70’s or 80’s. So what we’ve learned while doing this short Converse Pro Blaze review is that they are as comfortable and durable as the shoes from that era. The cushioning is mostly provided by a removable EVA insole that will wear out after a while but you can replace it easily. The rest of the midsole is very solid and it makes the shoe very durable. The arch support is quite modest which does not recommend wearing them while standing up for long hours.

Converse Pro Blaze black white4

Converse Pro Blaze black white2

Bottom Line

To conclude our Converse Pro Blaze review, these are a viable option for those looking for an everyday shoe that is quite versatile. It is a great shoe to wear in school or in settings where you don’t need to stand up for long hours. It is a good looking shoe with some attractive branding all over which will surely check the “cool” box.