Today we welcome the release of a new distinct pair of Chuck Taylors, the Converse Warhol Cow print, part of the new 2016 collection dedicated to the visionary artist of the 60's. This is the 3rd collaboration with the Andy Warhol Foundation, the previous ones featuring its popular Campbell Soup, Banana, Lady Liberty artwork, among others. It's also not the first time when Converse goes with a cow print, last year having a black and white cow skin patterned Chucks that is still available on eBay.

Between the 1960 and 1980 Andy Warhol created several wallpapers in his own unique style, the Cow print being the first one of this series. One of art dealers, Ivan Karp gave him the idea to print cows and the outcome was quite unexpected, yet original and exquisite, becoming one of his hits. Since the artist was customizing his Chuck Taylors in the 60's the Converse Warhol Cow Print shoes are a great homage to the artist, a one of a kind collector's item.

The Converse Cow Print shoes come in two versions, the hi top Chuck Taylors and the low tops, with colorful print on beige and yellow background. This third edition of the collaboration also include the floral Converse Warhol and t shirts, with prices between $64 and $80.

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