Among the retros the Jordan brand brought back in 2023 was the Jumpman Pro Quick, one that we’ll review today. 

A brief history of the Jordan Jumpman Pro Quick 

Released in 1998, this is one of the first models released outside the retro line, along with the Jumpman Pro and Team 1. It was at the time when Nike decided to turn Jordan into its own brand and they were experimenting with new models. The ones released under the Jumpman series were considered performance basketball at that time and they were all linked to various NBA players in the same way the main line was associated with MJ. The Jordan Jumpman Pro Quick was linked to Eddie Jones who wore them in the time when he was playing for the Lakers. The sneaker made a comeback in 2017 and again in 2023. While the Jordan brand maintained its original design, they dropped some of the original tech, namely the forefront Zoom unit while also downgrading the upper materials to mostly synthetic leather. The pair I got was the white, black and red colorway that first surfaced in 2017, one inspired from the Chicago Bulls colors. 

How They Fit 

The Jordan Jumpman Pro Quick fits similar to the retros, true to size, yet a bit bulky in the front. They have a pretty roomy toe box but those with wider feet may still need to go a half size up for best comfort. The shoe is a bit stiff at first so it will need some break in to get the best out of them. If you are not sure about your size in Jordans you can check out this size chart.

Jordan Jumpman Pro Quick Review 1

Jordan Pro Quick white black red 2

Jordan Pro Quick white black red 1


The upper of the Jordan Jumpman Pro Quick in 2023 is made of real and synthetic leather. The paneling on the sides is an AJ13 influence, not surprising since they were released in the same year. The stripe that goes along the front and the heel area is a staple of this model, one that surely makes it stand out. There is not much air flow given that there are no perforations and just the tongue side gets some air in. I tried these on in Chicago in January for the Jordan Jumpman Pro Quick review and they felt great given that it was pretty cold outside. I can tell that wearing them in the summer may not be a good idea. 

Sole Unit 

The sole unit for this version looks the same as the OG , featuring an Air unit in the heel and Phylon foam throughout. This makes it so the shoes are comfortable but they do not have the same cushion and responsiveness as the original which also featured the Air Zoom unit in the forefront. The outsole features a TPU shank as the original which looks nice but also adds stability to the shoe, especially if you decide to take them on the court. The herringbone pattern is providing decent traction, being inspired from the AJ13 outsole design. 

Jordan Pro Quick white black red 4

Jordan Pro Quick white black red 3

Are Jordan Jumpman Pro Quick basketball shoes? 

The Jordan Jumpman Pro Quick are not considered performance basketball shoes by today’s standards. While they were considered as such in 1998, the versions released recently are missing the Air Zoom unit in the front which added enhanced cushion and responsiveness to the shoe. Nowadays they are more like lifestyle sneakers, all around shoes that you can also wear on the court on the occasion. 

Are Jordan Jumpman Pro Quick Comfortable? 

Despite lacking some of the original tech the Jordan Jumpman Pro Quick are still very comfortable. You need to break them in a little bit, however. The Phylon foam and the Air unit in the heel provide decent cushioning given that this is a retro model. You can wear these all day in school, out in the city or even in the gym where they can shine at weight lifting, given the stability they offer. 

Bottom Line 

Decades after its release the Jordan Jumpman Pro Quick remains as cool as back in the day. This is still a favorite model for many sneakerheads, at least when it comes to models outside the Retro line. As I did this Jumpman Pro Quick review I certainly understood why. The design on these with the Jordan branded stripe is still a cool touch and makes it unique. The comfort is still there, even if not as good as the originals. These were always meant to be a cheaper version of the retro line and even if their current retail price went up to $130 you can find them on sale online, especially on eBay. They are still a versatile shoe that you can wear every day casually and even take them in the gym or on the cort.