Another Jordan sneaker that made a comeback in 2023 is the Jumpman Team 1, one that we’ll take a closer look and review today. 

A brief history of the Jordan Jumpman Team 1 

This sneaker was released in 1997, being one of the first models outside the Air Jordan retro line, along with the Jumpman Pro Quick and the Jumpman Pro.This was at a time when Jordan became its own brand and split from Nike. In this context they came up with the Team models which were received with skepticism by many sneakerheads. The Jordan Jumpman Team 1 was and still is to this day one of the most appreciated from this series. In the 1997-1998 many of the Bulls players were wearing these which certainly helped them in terms of popularity. 

First impressions

The pair we got was the OG colorway in black, varsity red and white, one that was also retroed in 2014. Unlike the original they come in a standard black box with the gold Jumpman logo on it. They look great out of the box in terms of design which is pretty much the same as the original,yet a bit bulky (er). They carry some weight with size 11 weighing just over 17 oz which was to be expected given the upper materials used.

Jordan Jumpman Team 1 black white 1

How do they fit? 

The Jordan Jumpman Team 1 fits true to size but the toe box is extra roomy so if you like a more snug fit going a half size down is best. Therefore those with wide feet don’t need to go a half size up on these. They require some break in time to get the best of them, both because of the upper leather and the sole unit which feels comfortable yet a bit stiff at first. If not sure about your size for Jordans you can check out our size chart here.

Jordan Jumpman Team 1 black white 5

Jordan Jumpman Team 1 black white 2


The upper of the Jordan Jumpman Team 1 is made of mostly synthetic leather with a polyurethane layer for texture and protection. Overall this is an improvement from the pairs released in ‘97. Those familiar with the originals will notice how the toe box is bulkier with these newer editions, something that adds to the already bulky look of the sole unit. There isn’t much air flow and while I did not test them on the basketball court for this Jumpman Team 1 review I can tell that your feet will get toasty if playing indoors. The branding stands out as it is different from most Jordans, with the Jordan performance logo on the tongue and the bubble logos in the heel area which look pretty cool. While quite standard, the lacing system does a good job in providing a good lockdown so your feet will stay in place even if you play basketball in them.

Sole Unit 

The sole unit of the Jordan Jumpman Team 1 is made up of a Phylon foam that encapsulates two Zoom Air units, one in the heel and one in the front, similar to the Air Jordan 13 which was released in the same year. While the sole unit seems a bit higher than the originals, with some break in time they tend to settle in better. This is part of the reason why some break in period is necessary to get the best of the Zoom technology which keeps these pretty relevant on the court. They also feature a TPU shank which adds stability to the shoe while playing on the court.  The outsole is a standard herringbone pattern in a nice design that compliments the design of this shoe. It also provides excellent traction on the basketball court, both indoors and outdoors. 

Jordan Jumpman Team 1 black white 3

Jordan Jumpman Team 1 black white 4

Are Jordan Jumpman Team 1 basketball shoes? 

The Jordan Jumpman Team 1 were released in 1997 as performance basketball shoes, featuring two Zoom units in the sole. This makes it so they are comfortable while also very responsive, a much needed feature when making sudden moves on the court. For this reason they are still good for basketball even if they are not as performant and lightweight as its contemporary counterparts. For those looking to wear a retro lifestyle sneaker that they can take on the court they are a great choice. 

Bottom Line 

To wrap up this review, the Jordan Jumpman Team 1 remains one of the most recognizable silhouettes from the brand, despite not being part of the retro line. Aside from its heritage it is a great day to day sneaker that is quite versatile. It provides excellent all day comfort and arch support, being a shoe that you can take on the court or even in the gym. While its price went up considerably over the years you can often find it for under retail, especially on eBay. It is a shoe made to last, get more comfortable with time and one that will complement any retro looks.