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Since we’ve got a sweet deal on these recently this week we take a fresh new look at the classic New Balance 574 sneaker and review its features. The 574 sneaker is a classic running shoe manufactured by the renowned Boston-based brand. It is a lifestyle sneaker that was first released in 1988 and marketed as a budget running shoe. Since then it has become one of the best selling products for the brand and one of the most recognizable retro shoes on the market. As with many of the other iconic retros it inspired the looks of many modern styles such as the New Balance 327. For its price point, the shoe packs a lot of good features. They are comfortable and could be worn for light exercises. However, it’s best to utilize it as a casual walking sneaker which you could wear all day. In general, New Balance sneakers that have a greater model number are usually more tech advanced. The lower the number, the more “lifestyle” it is. Being a “mid” model number, this sneaker has a blend of both. 

The pair we got was in a mix of burgundy and navy colors with silver accents in size 11 , medium width. Out of the box the shoes fit perfectly without any need to break them in. The roomy toe area and the generous padding around the ankle makes them super comfortable from the get go.


Here's a quick fun fact, the New Balance 574 comes in 3 different cuttings! That’s right, New Balance has created this sneaker for everyone. The 3 different options include standard cut, wide cut, and extra wide cut. Therefore, those of you who have big feet should rest your fears. The upper itself is mainly made of suede; we’d say about 75-80% of the sneakers itself is made from this material. The suede is complemented with touches of mesh around the toe box and ankle area. Since mesh is a slightly rough material, the team at New Balance have provided adequate cushioning for areas that are covered in it, particularly the toe box. Lastly, touches of leather are found across the heel area where the branding is available. The materials have been chosen for their minimal weight. What we noticed during our short New Balance 574 review is that even if these are light and breezy they give good support during casual everyday wear and not so much for long runs.

Sole Unit

Overall, the sole units do provide decent support to your foot. This is thanks to the EVA Midsole equipped with ENCAP technology. Of course, by using the EVA midsole, this shoe is much more eco-friendly than others. Furthermore, by using this cushioning technology, they conform to your foot. However, just like any other sneaker out there, there are indications of wear after usage but not enough to bring any red flags. As for the traction, it is adequate, not the greatest but it should do its job just fine. In a nutshell, they're more comfy than Vans but far from the most comfy footwear. If you're unsure on what size to get you can check out our New Balance size chart here

Bottom Line

To conclude our New Balance 574 review , for a price of $79.99, these sneakers will give you incredible value for money. Sure, these sneakers won’t stand out compared to the likes of an Air Jordan 1, Yeezy and others. However, the 574 will continuously roll out a regular fresh cycle of releases and has an ever-growing roster of collaborators. Undoubtedly, the 574 is a timeless silhouette which was built on a heritage of classic, hard-wearing design. As a result, wearing them with jeans, sweaters, T-shirts, sweatpants and basically anything casual should work just fine.

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