The Nike Air Max Solo, one of the latest models from this line is the subject of our review section this week. This sneaker was released in the summer of 2023 with a design that has retro and modern influences. The Nike Air Max 200 and AM90 come to mind when first looking at these, for the wavy upper overlays design and the heel cup respectively. But the Solo in itself brings  new elements to the Air Max line with its upper mostly made of a see thru mesh that makes it the perfect summer sneaker. Its price point is somewhere between the Air Max SC and the Air Max 90 which makes it a great option for those on a budget. 

How They Fit 

We got in stock one of the three initial colorways first released, the one in black, clear jade and vivid crimson. At a first look they look very stylish and feel pretty lightweight, with size 10.5 weighing just under 12oz. They feel true to size but they are a bit snug and they run narrow so most folks will feel more comfortable when going a half size up on these. They have a slightly higher silhouette so those with high arches and narrow fit will get the best out of these. If not sure about the size you need you can check out our Nike shoes size chart here. Overall they feel great on foot without any need to break them in.

Nike Air Max Solo Review 2

Nike Air Max Solo black

Nike Air Max solo black crimson green1


The upper of the Nike Air Max Solo is predominantly made of a double layer mesh with synthetic overlays. The outer layer is made of a durable material that resembles nylon and it’s see thru so Nike made sure to add some nice design for the layer under it which is softer to touch. The result is a very breathable sneaker that is great for wearing in hot weather but also makes them very accommodating, molding nicely to your feet. The synthetic overlays feel a bit cheap on touch and likely are the Achilles point for this sneaker but if you are not planning to kick around a ball all day you should be fine. For our Nike Air Max Solo review we tested them in the summer and they felt great when wearing them around casually. Taking them in the gym is an option, just keep in mind that they do not provide much lateral support. 

Sole Unit 

The sole unit on these is pretty standard for the Air Max line. A small opening reveals the single chamber Air Max unit in the heel that does a great job when it comes to shock absorption and energy return with every step. The heel to toe offset is about 10 mm which is standard to the line which means that the bounce effect you get from the heel unit is being amplified by the shape of the EVA midsole foam that makes for the rest of the sole unit. The foam used for this model is one that seems pretty dense, much like the SYSTM model which adds some good stability to the shoe. The outsole features an interesting design with branding all over and an opening panel for where the Air Max unit is located but in terms of traction is limited to everyday casual use.

Nike Air Max solo black crimson green3

Nike Air Max solo black crimson green2

Are Nike Air Max Solo good for running?

The Nike Air Max Solo is not recommended for running activities except maybe slow paced or short runs . While the shoe incorporates Air Max technology in the heel for shock absorption and energy return, this model it is better suited for casual wear and light athletic activities. The limited lateral support and the design of the outsole, primarily tailored for everyday casual use, may not provide the necessary features for optimal running performance. Therefore, the Nike Air Max Solo is not considered a dedicated running shoe.

Are Nike Air Max Solo comfortable?

The Nike Air Max Solo is a very comfortable sneaker. The upper, predominantly made of a double-layer mesh with synthetic overlays, is designed for breathability, making the shoe suitable for hot weather. The Air Max technology in the heel contributes to comfort by providing excellent arch support and shock absorption. The foam used in the sole unit is dense, offering stability to the shoe. Overall, the Nike Air Max Solo is a comfortable option for all-day casual wear and light athletic activities.

Bottom Line 

To conclude our Nike Air Max Solo review, this is a sneaker that offers a great value. At $100 retail price and even below on some sites like eBay, you get a very comfortable sneaker that you can wear around all day and even use them for light athletic activities. They offer excellent arch support and keep your feet rested with the help of the Air Max technology in the heel. So far only mesh models have been introduced but we would not be surprised to see Nike coming up with a winter version for these.