This week we take a closer look and review the features of the Nike Air Max SC, a 2021 release. In a year when prices have been only going up Nike found a way to make a sneaker that looks and feels good without breaking the bank. The brand is keeping their styles among the best selling shoes on the market by adapting to the times.  At $75 a pair this style is a great option for those looking for a sneaker for all around activities. This way this sneaker joins the budget Air Max sneakers like the AP, SYSTM, Torch the Court Vision or Nike Air Max Excee , all selling under $100. 

Nike has successfully replicated the essence of the early Air Max models on the SC, with the same vintage running style and color blocking, a pattern that the brand has been following for years. In particular this look is reminiscent of the Nike Air Max 1 which surely served primarily as inspiration. The shoe successfully bites from other models and nails its intended look, but its range of colorways also offers a bit of variety in terms of appearance and style. 

Nike Air Max SC white navy 2

Nike Air Max SC white navy 3


The secret of the low price for this sneaker lies of course in the materials and technology used to build it. Even if the upper mesh is quite basic, it adds cushioning and delivers enough breathability to ensure optimal comfort. The shoe also has a couple of overlays that circle the bottom of the upper, which is either leather or suede depending on the version you get. In terms of branding, the shoe has the Nike Air logo on the tongue and heel, and a bold leather swoosh on the medial and lateral sides of the sneaker. The look is stylish and remains breathable whilst still keeping with the materials on offer in the late 1980s. We have no qualms over the shape of the upper and were impressed with its vintage layering.

The pair we got was the one in white and obsidian colorway, that featured a white upper, and the leather obsidian overlays around the bottom of the upper. Not only did this colorway look great, but the obsidian overlays, particularly on the mudguard, were very practical for keeping the otherwise white shoe clean.

Sole Unit

In terms of the sole, the Nike Air Max SC has a standard foam midsole with a rubber outsole, and of course, an Air bubble in the heel. Our pair came in white with an obsidian outsole, and an obsidian tint to the Air bubble. This was especially interesting, as a tinted Air bubble is much more of a modern feature of Air Max sneakers, whilst the rest of the look felt like it could have been released in the late ’80s. The Air bubble also catches your eye, as it doesn’t have any visible pillars, meaning you can see straight through the midsole. Intended to add stability to the Air bubble, the removal of these pillars makes it clear the SC is a lifestyle sneaker, unlike its inspirations, that all started life as running models. While doing this short Nike Air Max SC review we noticed however that along with wearing them casually and in the gym, some basic running in these is definitely possible without feeling any discomfort.

Once you get used to it though, the Air bubble is the most enticing part of the sole. The midsole is made with classic EVA foam that adds basic cushioning to the forefront of the shoe. It features a linear pattern aimed at making the design more than just basic. The outsole partly features flex grooves and a traction pattern that are another reference to the Air Max models that came before it, most notably the Air Max 1 and Air Max 90. The SC run true to size , however , if you are not sure what size to get you can check the Nike shoes size chart here

Nike Air Max SC white navy 7

Nike Air Max SC white navy 5

Are Nike Air Max SC good for running?

The Nike Air Max SC is suitable for basic running such as casual, short or slow paced runs. The sneakers feature a standard foam midsole with an Air bubble in the heel, offering basic cushioning and stability. However, keep in mind that these shoes are primarily designed as lifestyle sneakers rather than specialized running shoes. If you are looking for sneakers for more intensive or specific running activities, you might want to consider dedicated running shoe options.

Are Nike Air Max SC good for walking?

Yes, the Nike Air Max SC is great for day to day activities, including taking long walks. The Air Max heel unit provides excellent heel shock absorption and the midsole foam ensures a smooth transition from heel to toe. They are lightweight and durable, making them suitable for everyday use. The rubber outsole and traction pattern, along with the basic cushioning in the midsole, makes it so these shoes provide good support, stability and comfort for walking activities.

Bottom Line

To conclude this Nike Air Max SC review, this sneaker offers a great value. At $75 it is cheaper than any other Air Max shoe but it doesn’t have major drawbacks. Yes, it does not offer the latest technologies from the brand but the shoes are still very comfortable and it does not break easily. New colorways are being released constantly , you can always check back if your favorite colors are not available. If you are looking to sport a retro look and not break the bank, these are for sure a good way to go. You can wear them anywhere and they make up for a very affordable sneaker to wear in school. Not sure of your size? You can check out this Nike shoes size chart here