The new, highly fashionable Nike Kyrie 1 basketball shoes are one of the newest additions of the brand to their sneaker portfolio, the result of the collaboration with Kyrie Irving of Cleveland Cavaliers.Less than a year since their release, the Nike Kyrie 1 basketball shoes has already been making waves, both on the courts and on the city streets. Built for one of the quickest players in the NBA, the flashy sneaker comes loaded with technology and sassiness, making it an alluring piece of footwear to sneaker lovers all over.

There is not much historical legacy that can be attributed to the Nike Kyrie 1 Basketball shoes, except that it has some amount of retro swagger. However, the Cleveland Cavaliers’ exciting point guard did his fair share to influence Nike into making the shoe. Designed by Leo Chang, the sneaker was created to represent all that Irving represented on the courts, including his deceptive speed, agility and overall flair while playing against opponents. After mulling over the player’s style and time spent in Nike’s design labs, the Kyrie 1 was finally released by Nike on December 23, 2014.

To say that the Nike Kyrie 1 basketball shoe is eye-catching is an understatement. Apart from the flashy color ways, the standout design elements are also quite memorable. Firstly, the jagged tooth-like protrusions on the front of the shoe’s outsole symbolize the famous opera house in Australia, where Irving spent some time. There is also a studded back end, which adds a luxury feel to the sneaker and a number of cuts to add visual interest to the shoe. Looking past all those eye-grabbing details, the shoe boasts some of the latest technology available from Nike, with Zoom Air brought to the front of the shoe to enhance speed and comfort and Nike’s Hyperfuse built into the upper to enhance breathability. The shoe is considerably light as a result.

Less than a year since being released, the Kyrie Irving 1 is expected to be followed by several others based on its impact so far. It has already made a mark among new sneakers, helping to further cement Nike’s involvement in the sport of basketball.