With the winter widing down I was able to find a bunch of Nike Rhyodomo sneaker boots on sale, making it a good time to review its features. Nike introduced the sneaker boot term years back when they made some winter ready versions of their classics such as the Air Max 95, Presto or the Air Force One. The idea caught on and now every fall we have a lineup of these sneaker boots ready for those who don’t want to sacrifice style in the cold weather. Recently the brand introduced the Nike Rhyodomo, one of the latest of the series, which is not a spin-off of one of their existing sneakers but a brand new design that aligns more with the likes of Manoa, Path Winter, Goaterra , Woodside 2 and Goadome boots. These have been around for some time now and they are more like utility or casual boots, with less bombastic looks. With a retail price tag of $130, the Rhyodomo is the middle of this pack, offering a nice alternative to its older brothers.

How They Fit

Out of the box the Nike Rhyodomo looks a bit smaller than you’d expect from a boot. You can almost know it that you should’ve gotten a half size bigger. It does not look as bulky as a Timberland and it’s certainly lighter. They surely have a more refined look than the Manoa boots and they are stylish, yet not too “out there”. It has a nice balance of looks and utility. You can see why many have been wearing these as work boots (especially the all black version). Once I got a half size bigger I got the comfort I was looking for. Still, for those with a wide foot you may have to go even further with another half size. Solid and lightweight, these are a great alternative to the stiff , heavy boots we are used to.

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The upper of this sneaker boot is made of a mix of synthetic and genuine smooth leather coated with water-repelling layer for protection in any weather conditions. What I noticed during the Nike Rhyodomo review is that the aerodynamic shape of the boots and the solid but not rigid upper materials also make it a good choice for casual hiking, not just for city walks. The interior feature a thin layer of synthetic padding for optimal temperature, whether is freezing cold or not. I like the shape of the heel area in an angle which not only gives it a modern look but also add to its utility, with the back ridges making it easier to take them off with your opposite toe. Around the heel there is plenty of padding , enough to hug the foot and stop dirt or pebbles from going in or warmth to come out. As you’d expect from a boot they have four metal lace clasps on each boot and a sewn in padded tongue that is meant to stay in place and not slide to the side and keep any humidity from going in. These do vey well in wet conditions, whether you’re in rain , slush, sleet or snow. The Nike Swoosh logo sits discrete in its place on the side, leaving the stitched overlays and the stylish midsole steal the show.

Sole Unit

The sole unit of the Nike Rhyodomo stands out with its modern shape that fits perfectly with the upper silhouette. While Nike did not slap the ACG logo on these , they are nothing less than all weather conditions ready. The brand did not relay on any of their classic cushion technologies for this style but rather used classic rubber materials of different density shaped in a distinct, modern way. The rubber material the outsole is made of does very well on wet, frozen surfaces as well as dry ones. The large lugs on the outsole add some serious traction on these while still being flexible. The insole is not removable and it adds to the cushion offered by the rubber outsole.

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Bottom Line

To conclude this Nike Rhyodomo review , this is a sneaker boot for those looking for a stylish alternative for their winter footwear lineup. They are great for every day, all day wear which makes them a nice option for work boots. They have a nice balance of looks and utility with a refined design and durability. The all black version is the most popular for these but several others definitely are worth a look. For Timberland fans there is a wheat version, as well as a brown and olive colorway.