The Nike Woodside 2 ACG boots have surfaced this year once again making it a good time to review their looks and features. This model is one of the first in Nike’s boots lineup that also includes the Manoa, Guadome, Rhyodomo and Goaterra models. The first version was released around 2010 with the second one arriving about a decade later. They represent Nike’s take on the classic duck boot model that did not get much attention from sneakerheads, being in essence an utility boot with little to no sneaker boots vibes. This is a pro for those looking for a dependable, low profile pair of boots that they can wear at work, in the city or even hiking without worrying about the weather conditions. That is because these are ACG boots, ready to keep your feet dry no matter what. 

What ACG Means for Nike Shoes? 

Nike’s ACG, or All Conditions Gear, is a specialized line of footwear that caters to outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers. The ACG collection is designed to perform in all weather conditions and diverse terrains, making it an ideal choice for individuals who crave adventure and exploration. The emphasis on durability, functionality, and style sets ACG apart in the realm of outdoor footwear.

How They Fit 

The Nike Woodside 2 ACG boots fit true to size but they are a bit snug with an overall slim design. For this reason going up half a size is a good idea, making some room for some thick socks. They are not particularly narrow in the toe box but those with wide feet may even need to go one size up. They are a bit stiff at the beginning so there will be some need to break them in for a few days before getting the best of their comfort.

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The upper of the Nike Woodside 2 ACG boots feature thumbled real leather on the upper side and synthetic leather on the lower part. The synthetic part in particular has been treated to be water resistant and water repellent, having an interesting finish that is distinct compared to the upper of the boots. There is just enough padding around the ankles and in the tongue, with the boots being designed to conserve the heat of your feet. We tested these for our Nike Woodside 2 ACG boots review in November in Chicago and they felt just right, without getting too hot in them. 

Sole Unit 

The sole unit is made of a solid , durable rubber that encapsulates an EVA foam layer in the midsole. This is the main difference between the first and second version of this boot. This new setup makes it so it adds more durability to the shoe and gives it a more streamlined, slimmer look that many wearing these as casual winter boots would appreciate. The firm outsole features large lugs in a waffle pattern which provides great traction off road. These are winter boots but you can also take them hiking if you like to, they have what they need to keep you warm and protected while the outsole will keep you from feeling every bump on the road. 

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Bottom Line 

To conclude this review,  the Nike Woodside 2 ACG is a low profile pair of boots that sets itself apart from the others from the brand with a slimmer, more elegant design. It is very similar to the classic duck boots from other brands like Sorel, but if you are a Nike fan this is a great option for the winter time. They provide great arch support for long hours so they can be work boots, they have a simple, elegant design suitable for casual looks and they have the traction and protection that a hiking boot needs. It is a versatile pair of boots that offers a good value for the money.