One of the latest retro inspired sneakers from the Swoosh brand is the Nike Waffle One sneaker which we’ll review today. This sneaker was released in the summer of 2021, two years after the Nike x Sacai LD waffle. The latter has enjoyed enormous success reflected by the high resale price that went sometimes well over $500. This collaboration with the Japanese designer inspired the Nike Waffle One sneaker that kept most of the elements of the LD Waffle, especially on the upper of the sneaker. The two styles have their roots into the past, much like most Nike modern styles, this time the Nike Waffle Trainer and the Nike Daybreak serving as inspiration.

How They Fit

We’ve got our hands (and feet) on a pair in the fall of 2022 , namely on the “Go The Extra Smile” special edition of this shoe in black and yellow. This edition is also part of the “Next Nature” series where Nike is using at least 20% recycled materials per weight per pair. They came in the 100% made of recycled materials box that all sneakers from this series come in. We’ve got a size 11.5 in men and for those wondering if Waffle One are unisex, no Nike makes different versions of this shoe for women’s sizes. Straight from the box the shoes look stylish with the see thru mesh standing out immediately. Given the upper construction you’d expect these to be super light but the midsole makes up for it. They fit true to size with virtually no need to break them in given the roomy forefront and the materials used. If you’re not sure what size to get you can check out the Nike size chart here

DO5850 700 nIKE waffle One SE yellow black SE2

DO5850 700 nIKE waffle One SE yellow black SE3


The upper of the Nike Waffle One is a mix of see thru mesh, suede overlays and leather Swoosh. While the suede seems to be made of real leather, the mesh is surely made of 100% recycled materials. This material makes this shoe ideal for summer days due to the enhanced air flow. It also seems to be quite durable, especially in combination with the suede parts. There is little cushion in the ankle area and virtually no cushion in the tongue so it is hard to see someone sweating in these. At first look the Waffle One seems like the classic Nike narrow shoe but that is not quite the case. The toe box is quite roomy and the upper materials quite flexible so there is plenty of space for even those with slightly wider feet. 

Sole Unit 

The sole unit is made of classic EVA that is quite solid. It gives this upper a solid base while adding some moderate arch support with not much bounciness. Nike did not invest much in the materials used for the midsole, likely in the attempt of keeping it at an affordable price, away from the hyped price of the LD Waffle. The shape of the midsole also sets it apart from the other styles derived from the Daybreak and the Waffle Trainer. The multi layered heel area gives it a nice look and adds some extra support. It did not take us long during this Nike Waffle One review to place it among the everyday sneaker favorites, a “beater” as many would say. It is quite versatile when it comes to everyday activities and light exercises but not so much beside that area. If you like the Nike DBreak Type but need more support, this shoe is a great alternative. For those wondering if the Nike Waffle One are good for running the answer is not so much. The solid EVA sole makes it a shoe that you can wear all day, providing enough arch support for long hours. Nike actually made a version of these with the Crater midsole that provides some more energy return and makes it even more comfortable. 

Nike Waffle one black yellow smile

DO5850 700 nIKE waffle One SE yellow black SE1

Bottom Line 

To conclude our Nike Waffle One review, this is a stylish every day sneaker that is ideal to wear in warm weather. It is a retro inspired shoe that comes with the advantages of new technologies from Nike and the added benefit of using recycled materials.Since its release there have been multiple versions released in various colors and even special editions like this one. At a retail price of $100 it offers a great value, a great mix of retro and modern looks.If still in doubt, you can check out the Nike Waffle Debut which was released just a year later.