Vans continue this year to celebrate music and culture with a new collection of Vans Rasta shoes that include a pair of Authentic and Old Skool among others. The brand is well known for their special edition collections in which they customize their classics. The Rastafari movement has been a constant theme over the years for Vans, not only by featuring the green, gold and red colors but sometimes using hemp as fabric for the shoes.

This year the Vans Rasta shoes collection include two versions of the Authentic and Bali SF and one of the Old Skool classics. With the exception of the khaki Bali  SF, all other pairs are dressed in black. The rasta colors appear all around the top of the midsole, in a checkered pattern on the midsole for one of the Authentic’s or, in case of the Bali on a side tag. The collection also include a pair of flip-flops and a t-shirt.