One Piece and Vans come together at the end of 2022 to bring us one of the most anticipated shoes and apparel collabs of the year. The Anaheim footwear company has been a champion of these special editions of their classic sneakers and they show no signs of stopping. This new collaboration comes months after Vans partnered with Sailor Moon, and just a day before the Pokemon x Puma series, two other Japanese anime households. One Piece is one of the longest running manga series, with its creator Eiichiro Oda having its first episode aired in October 1999. Now, over 1000 episodes later the anime franchise has been introduced in theaters with the One Piece Film that debuted in the US in early November after enjoying immense success in Japan a few months earlier.. This new shoe and apparel series come to celebrate this event and the anime series that is otherwise scheduled to conclude in the next couple of years. 

As with all other Vans collaborations, the One Piece series will include shoes as well as apparel for men’s, women’s and kids. Among the various designs there are a few that stand out. The Vans Authentic pays homage to the Straw Hat symbol of the crew with an upper made of jute fabric that imitates its pattern and also features hemp laces. Crossbone flags and other symbols from Monkey D. Luffy’s crew are featured all over the upper, from Zoro to Franky. 

The SK8-Hi features a 360 view of Punk Hazard island from the warm side with the burning flames side to the cold one with melting ice. The Old Skool pictures Devil Fruit motifs over a sky like blue background while a similar design is featured on a pair of slides .This series also has Nikuguso Tarou (aka Cookie) as a contributor with some one of a kind designs that show up on some of the pieces of this collection. Among them is a pair of SK8-Hi in black and orange with a wanted poster for Nami and an Skate Old Skool with a similar one for Nico Robin. Another one where “Cookie” put his touch is the one for the Authentic 44DX pair illustration Chopper, another character One Side fans love. As you’d expect all shoes in the One Piece and Vans come in customized boxes which design does not disappoint. 

The One Piece x Vans shoes and apparel collaboration is scheduled to debut on November 11th 2022 at various retailers. The apparel side of this series will include coach jackets and tees with various One Side symbols and designs. If unsure about your size you can check out our size Vans chart here.

Pictures: Vans