A retro sneaker favorite for decades, the adidas Pro Model makes is the subject of our review this week. Although there is no debate when it comes on to naming the top adidas trainer of all time, the adidas Pro Model sneaker is still a class act in its own right. Preceding the prestigious Superstar by four years, the basketball shoe was created to compete with another icon, Converse, which was the face of basketball footwear at the time. Years later, although not as well-known as the Superstar, the adidas Pro Model has re-emerged as more than just a collector’s item.


The first adidas Pro Model Sneaker saw the light of day in 1965 and was the first official basketball shoe from the brand. Designed to look like the all-conquering Converse kicks of the day, it didn’t cause quite the impact that was expected and was blamed for causing injuries due to its canvas high top upper which didn’t support the ankles well. However, an all leather revamp not only resulted in a more complete, ring-worthy shoe, it also became the first full leather basketball shoe. In addition to having that enviable distinction, the adidas Pro Model sneaker went on to inspire one of the top-selling trainers in history, lending most of its design elements, except for the high top, to the adidas Superstar.


With the brand bringing back the original adidas Pro Model sneaker in recent years as an authentic retro classic, the shoe has been upgraded with technologically advanced materials while maintaining its essence of an all-leather constructed upper atop a herring-bone outsole. It has also retained the revered rubber shell-toe, which most people now associate with the Superstar. A mesh lining makes the shoe more breathable and its interior is also retrofitted to provide more warmth and comfort to the feet. Available in only a few colorways, including white + black and mono black, the prominent adidas stripes are further accentuated by metallic gold writing, which spells out the words “Pro Model”.


The adidas Pro Model sneaker’s ties to history are undeniable, regardless of it being overshadowed by the Superstar and others. As its reintroduction to the market continues, it is left to be seen whether it will finally get the respect it deserves or not. In early 2000’s Adidas upgraded this style with new materials and technology with the Pro Model 2G version, making it again a popular basketball shoe and not only.