The adidas Pro Model 2G is one of the pairs we came across this week and we could not miss the chance to review its features. This sneaker was introduced in the early 2000 as a revamped update of the original adidas Pro Model from the 70’s. The new version was equipped with some of the new technology from Adidas such as the Adiprene foam which made it once again a viable basketball shoe. With an updated, modern look and at a $75 price tag the shoe was a hit among athletes and beyond. Fast forward in 2020 the German powerhouse brought back the 2G model with another update for the midsole, replacing the Adiprene with the newer, more stable Bounce foam. It also made the patented leather a staple feature of the upper construction to update its looks. The Pro Model 2G was released in a mid version primarily for basketball play and a low top for casual wear. 

How They Fit

The pair we got was one of these low versions, in a triple black colorway. The low top Adidas Pro Model is very close to the look of the Superstar, especially because of the shelltoe feature.The Pro Model 2G, even in its low version is ,however , more plushy as you put them on, due to both the enhanced upper cushioning and the Bounce midsole. You feel as they hug your feet right away, fitting comfortably yet a bit snug. They fit true to size with plenty of room for even those with wider feet. For most a short break in period may be needed but it’s all worth it once you settle in. You can also check out the Adidas size chart if still in doubt about your size. 

adidas Pro Model 2G triple black FX71004

adidas Pro Model 2G triple black FX71003


The upper of the adidas Pro Model 2G pair we got was made of quality thumbled leather with patent leather on the stripes and rubber shelltoe. The lacing system goes deep in the forefront which adds to the width flexibility. It also helps keep the feet in a good place when on the court for a secure fit. It also helps keep the feet from sliding forward when on the court and hitting the rubber shell toe with your toes which can be a problem otherwise. There is a lot of cushioning in the heel area as well as in the tongue for both hi and low versions which add comfort and also help with the feet lockdown. It can even see how skateboarders may enjoy wearing the low top due to its enhanced cushioning. However, when playing indoors or wearing them in the gym for a while, due to the lack of ventilation, the feet can get pretty hot. Therefore what we concluded as we did this review is that the adidas Pro Model 2G is best suited for outdoors activities.

Sole Unit

As we mentioned previously the adidas Pro Model 2G features a Bounce midsole which is surely an upgrade to the pair on the market 20 years ago. Adidas have been behind with their midsole foams for a while until they came up with the Boost and Bounce only a few years ago, making it a good time to upgrade some of its classics. The Adidas Bounce midsole is firmer than the Boost but also delivers more energy return with every step which comes handy when playing basketball or when wearing these for long hours. There is a removable EVA insole that adds to the plushy feel as you put them on and even if it wears off you can replace it at any time. The outsole is much like the original with a herringbone pattern that still delivers great traction on the court, both indoors and outdoors.

adidas Pro Model 2G triple black FX71001

adidas Pro Model 2G triple black FX71002

Bottom Line 

To conclude our adidas Pro Model 2G review, this is a stylish, retro inspired shoe that offers great comfort and versatility. At a $75 retail price for the low top and $100 for the mid version they offer a great value. It is made of quality, durable materials and you can wear them casually, in the gym or even for short runs in addition to their basketball court usage. Many of the colorways released feature a patented leather that gives them a pretty dope look so you can rest assured that you’ll be in style wearing these. If still not convinced and looking for a more modern take on the retros era you can check out the adidas Run 70’s that we’,ve taken a look at recently.