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There have been more than six years since the two American classics joined forces to create the Converse DC Comics collection that was to become a hit among sneakers and comics fans alike. There have been years when superheroes such as Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman or The Joker have found their way into our hearts once again. With an already huge fan base, DC Comics came up with various ways to satisfy the growing demand, with movies, cartoons and various accessories featuring their bellowed characters.

Making shoes displaying comics artwork came as a logical move and they found the perfect partner in Converse, the shoe manufacturer that has been around for decades, also known as “America’s Original Sport’s Company”. Looking back at what the two companies have came up with these years it is safe to say that Converse upper canvas proved to be the best place for DC Comics superheroes to unleash their magic. All this happened while another iconic footwear company, Vans, has started a collaboration with Marvel, the other major comics brand.

In the fall of 2010 the idea of this collaboration started to materialize, with designs created to celebrate DC Comics 75th Anniversary. This special occasion praised decades of historic superheroes and villains embraced by the American public at first thru comics magazines and slowly winning the hearts of the entire world with movies that put a mark our childhood, a time when we all liked to identify with Superman, Batman or The Joker. It was the time when an iconic classic sneaker  came together with its comics counterpart.

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In 2018 the first two issues released on February are new versions of the Wonder Woman and the Batman hi tops dedicated to the DC Rebirth, the 2016 relaunch of the monthly superhero comic books that lasted until late 2017. The sneakers have the DC Rebirth Volume 1 written in white letters along the heel tab of the 2 pairs.


In 2017 the Converse DC Comics collection started with the release of the Converse Flash, along with the omnipresent The Joker. Both new designs kept the same shades from the year before, with The Joker sneaker showing the villain at his messy desk on the inside of the shoe. The beginning of April marked the release of a new version of the Converse Wonder Woman sneaker, once again featuring the hi top Chuck Taylor. Later that month a new version of the beloved Harley Quinn joined the collection. The surprise of the collection in 2017 is the release in July of the Converse Batgirl , last featured in a 2012 series.

In 2017 Converse also extended their collaboration with Warner Bros and created the Converse Looney Tunes collection. This year Nike, now the Converse parent company has been starting carrying the DC Comics on their main website, giving them more exposure. Check out the link below for purchase options and more pictures of the 2017 collection.

To celebrate the release of the new Justice League movie Converse released a new sneaker in early October featuring the superheroes from the movie in a print from the actual movie. It was for the first time since the collection began where the comics artworks have been replaced with pictures of the actual actors, including Gal Gadot and Ben Affleck. This predominantly gray and black sneaker is surely a fresh breath  for this collection.


The Converse DC Comics collection showed no signs of slowing down, having two new styles to drop in January 2016, having the Harley Quinn and Flash taking centerstage once again. If we had Harley Quinn recently in 2014, Flash makes a rare appearance after the 2011 edition. The Hi Top Chuck Taylors are once again preferred to depict these comics characters and their environment. Also, for the first time since the collection was launched the "Trinity" cartoon series was celebrated with a sneaker featuring the three superheroes: Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, all depicted on the same shoe in action. The summertime brought us more versions of the Converse Wonder Woman and Superman but also two new additions to the collection. For the first time The Penguin and Green Arrow have been featured, both on their own hi top Chuck Taylor, giving a fresh breath to the six year collaboration. The collection this year competed with Vans Nintendo release, another themed series from Converse's competitor.

On September 30th 2016 Converse issued a special "Batman Collection" featuring two hi top Chuck Taylor 70's sneakers, a first for this collection. With this new release the brand celebrated 30 years since Frank Miller's landmark comic book "Dark Knight Returns" was first issued. Both sneakers featured an ice outsole with visible comics artwork while the leather version having embossed Batman motifs throughout. Having the Chuck Taylor 70's sneakers as part of the Converse DC Comics collection marked the first premium edition of the series, also being the most expensive, with a $114-$124 price range.