Months after its initial release I finally got my hands on a pair of Nike Air Max Excee sneaker and got the chance to review its features. This style is a brand-new silhouette from Nike and is said to take inspiration from the classic Air Max 90, that came out three decades ago. Releasing on the 14th of February this year, the shoe looks to bring back the classic materials of Air Max sneakers, whilst also having a unique contemporary design, that is more in line with today’s styles.

What really makes this model stand out however, is its surprisingly low price point of $90 which makes it part of the same Air Max under $100 club where the SYSTM or the Air Max SC also belong. Without sacrificing many of the materials that feature on more expensive Air Max’s, the Excee provides a budget option that is just as functional, without hurting your wallet nearly as much. Considering its price point and design features it falls somewhere between the Air Max Torch and Air Max 90. Out of the box it seems like a solid shoe with lots of seams that you don’t see much these days on new releases. While a bit bulky, the design is quite catchy and modern if you’re into retro sneakers.

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The upper of the Air Max Excee is comprised of a light mesh base, with suede and synthetic overlays, that gives the shoe a unique look. A Nike Air tag is situated on the tongue, as well as on the heel, and Air Max is written in a stylized font on the midsole overlay.Overall, the upper has a very traditional style, however exposed stitching around the suede is a sign of the age this shoe is being released in, as this look has become increasingly popular since Off White’s ”The Ten” collection with Nike in 2017. There have been a several different colorways released so far with many more to come, but my personal favorite, and the pair I picked up, is predominantly white, with hits of green, red, and blue. The color scheme and the shoes color blocking works well to mimic a 90’s Air Max, and the materials are more than adequate for a $90 model.
In terms of sizing, during this Nike Air Max Excee review, I have found that this sneaner runs quite narrow in the toe area. As a result, we suggest you go half a size down, but other than that, the upper is relatively comfortable and impressively breathable. Another issue raised by reviewers online, is that the inner lining of the shoe has ripped in some cases, and whilst this hasn’t been a problem for me, this wouldn’t be entirely surprising considering this is a budget model.

Sole Unit

The sole of the Air Max 200 consists predominantly of Nike’s Cushlon Foam, with an Air Unit in the heel. In terms of looks, the sole strikes a resemblance to the Air Max 180, however with Nike having better technology than they did 29 years ago, the Air bubble looks to be more durable, and much larger.
This shoe is advertised as providing all day comfort, and Nike claims it is light and flexible, however our findings so far suggests this is quite an overstatement. Sure, the Cushlon foam does provide some flexibility and reduces the weight of the sneaker, but the cushioning is quite mediocre. This isn’t to say it’s bad, in fact compared to some of the other recent Air Max’s like the 720, this is much more preferable, it just isn’t as exceptional as the advertising may have you believe.
Looks wise, the sole is exactly what you would want, barring an uncanny resemblance to the original Air Max models, even though it is comprised of different materials. Especially with more recent Air Max sole’s going overboard on details and trying to make the Air unit in some way superior to any previous models, this simpler design is welcomed with open arms.

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Are Nike Air Max Excee good for running?

The Nike Air Max Excee is built as a traditional running shoe from the 90’s so yes, it can be used for casual running. You have to keep in mind that they are primarily lifestyle sneakers so they will not deliver the same performance as true running shoes. You can take them in the gym, for short or slow paced runs but they will feel a bit clunky, especially if you are used to wearing running shoes.

Are Nike AirMax Excee good for basketball?

The Excee has low silhouette so it’s missing significant ankle support that you need on the court. However, given how stable they are and the Air Max technology in the heel we can surely add basketball as one of the casual activities you can do in these as long as you take it easy. Same as with running, these were not designed for basketball.

Are Nike Air Max Excee good for walking?

They are excellent shoes for walking as they offer great support and comfort long hours. The sole unit is designed so it will offer great stability and the combination of Air Max heel unit and the EVA foam in the midsole makes it so there is a nice heel to toe transition that goes a long way when you walk around with them for hours.

Bottom Line

Overall, to conclude my Nike Air Max Excee review, this is a decent sneaker with great bang for your buck, so if you want a traditional style Air Max, but don’t want to pay $130, then this is the perfect shoe for you. We personally have been very happy with my pair, and the general reception towards the shoe seems to be very positive. Our only real problem with the sneaker, however, is with its comfort, as although it is not horrendous, if you are planning on wearing these sneakers all day, you may want to consider an upgrade. There are several colorways to choose from and it seems like there will be many more to come. If in doubt about your shoe size you can check out the Nike shoes size chart here.

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