Among popular, no-hype sneakers, Nike Air Max Torch 4 is one of the most sought for, and since I got my hands on a black pair it was time to review its features. Even if newer editions of this shoe have been released in recent years, this version keeps coming back. Recently the gray and red colorway that was released over a year ago has resurfaced on eBay and I decided to grab a pair. I read a lot of good reviews about this shoe and it was time to see what it is all about.

Labeled as a running shoe, the Nike Air Max Torch 4 appears at first to be a bit bulky, mainly due to its thick upper mesh and outsole design. It is lightweight and stylish, with an attractive price tag of only $85. In the Air Max line this is quite a low price and “value” was the word that came to mind immediately. It is in the same category as the AP, Nike Air Max Motion 2, SC, Excee , the Court Vision or the Air Max SYSTM, all Air Max shoes  under $100 . Giving it a try for the following couple of weeks I found it to be a comfortable, versatile shoe that offered good support in the gym as well as in every day activities.

Nike Air Max Torch 4 black gray4

Nike Air Max Torch 4 black gray3


The Nike Air Max Torch 4 features a mix of mesh and synthetic upper that gives it an old school look. Nike has added some seamless, weavy overlays on the sides while keeping the rest of the construction traditional. The mesh is quite thick, acting as a cushion for the upper part. This makes it not as breathable as most of Nike running shoes on the market today but they are still very comfortable. The mudguard is quite prominent, covering most of the midsole. It’s prolonged all the way to the top of the heel tab, one made of synthetic translucent materials. The whole upper construction is a bit “busy” and certainly made to give it a distinct look. It does take away the attention from the inexpensive materials used, mainly to keep its price down. The toebox is quite roomy, making the shoe comfortable to wear for long periods of time. I felt that walking and wearing these casually brought the best in them.

Sole Unit

The Nike Air Max Torch 4 sole is all about the visible Air Max unit. As mentioned above, the mudguard covers the forefront Phylon midsole. This gives the shoe a distinct, aerodynamic shape that certainly makes it attractive. On short runs I found it to be quite supportive but I cannot say the same thing about long runs. The sole is quite basic in its construction, even with the Air Max unit in the heel area. The carbon outsole offers some stellar traction, which made it perform quite well on rough terrain, many using it as a trail shoe, altho the Nike Juniper trail is a better option in that regard.  It also served quite well in the gym while lifting weights and do some light cross training.

Nike Air Max Torch 4 black gray1

Nike Air Max Torch 4 black gray2

Bottom Line

To conclude this Nike Air Max Torch 4 review , this is a good looking shoe that is versatile and offers a great value. While I would not recommend them for long runs, they are a good choice for those doing light daily training. They are a great every day casual shoe, stylish and offering excellent all day support. There is a reason why many keep buying these; they are easy to break in and comfortable throughout. Nike seems to be in touch with the demand for these, comong up with new versions while keeping its price low. New colors are being released constantly and it looks like, to delight of many, we’ll be seeing these around for many years to come.