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In a market where sneakers have become more and more expensive it is becoming harder and harder to find authentic  Nike Air Max shoes under 100 $. Still, the Nike brand is still managing to come up with affordable products that maintain quality while using older technologies that cost less to manufacture. Of course, the materials used are also cheaper, trading the real leather to synthetic materials or the advanced mesh to the standard one. 

In this article we gathered five of these sneakers from this renowned series that have a MSRP of $100 or just below. Not bad when you consider that a pair of Air Max 90 is about $140 while the Plus is $175, just to name a couple of the higher end products of this line.

Nike Air Max Torch – MSRP $90

The first on our list is the Nike Air Max Torch 4, a sneaker that was released more that a decade ago but continues to be omnipresent on the market. The reason? It offers a great value , with bold looks and an overall construction that makes it durable and quite versatile. It is in essence an everyday shoe but it does very well in the gym as well as on the trails. We reviewed this sneaker a while back and found it to be quite a deal at $89.99 a pair. The upper mesh is made of thicker threads which makes it more resistant than other models at this price range. The black and gray version is especially popular but other choices are always available, both for men and women. 

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Nike Air Max SC – MSRP $75

One of the newer styles is the Nike Air Max SC which also happens to be the cheapest one at $74.99. The design for this sneaker was inspired from the Air Max 1 and the result is a good looking shoe that is great for everyday use. There are two versions for this shoe, one made with regular leather and one with suede. We found the latter to be a better fit for this style, given its retro vibes. The SC features a basic mesh upper that is not as breathable as its more expensive counterparts but works well and it even makes it a better fit when it’s chilly outside. From our review we found it to be quite sturdy so wearing it casually is probably the best choice.

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Nike Air Max Bolt – MSRP $85

The Nike Air Max Bolt is another shoe that was released in the past year or so with the same goal of making a good looking, affordable sneaker that will not break the bank. Nike added a bit of seamless features on the upper for some editions of this shoe but overall it followed the same recipe with layers of synthetic leather and basic mesh sewn together much like the classic sneakers. However, the final look is one of a more modern shoe rather than a classic one. This is another versatile sneaker which at $84.99 is one of the best Nike Air Max shoes under 100 $ nowadays. 

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Nike Air Max Excee – MSRP $90

One of my favorites from this list is the Nike Air Max Excee, also a newer style that we’ve seen a lot of in the past year. Inspired by the Air Max 90 model, this style is, along with the SC , one of the sneakers with the best retro looks on this list. It is also one of the most durable, much as the Torch. That is mostly due to its upper construction that includes more leather (or suede) layers than the others. The midsole is also shaped so it adds more stability in the heel area, a feature that makes it a great option for training in the gym in addition to its casual appeal. The upper mesh also seems more durable than the rest and in most cases it contrasts nicely with the upper leather.

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Nike Air Max AP – MSRP $100

The Nike Air Max AP is the newest from this list and also the most expensive with a retail price of $100. This is mainly to a fully visible Air Max midsole , much like the ‘97 which seems to be the main inspiration for the design. This is a stylish,solid shoe that is built with a mesh upper on top of a synthetic layer that holds the foot in place for stability and comfort. The upper offers great breathability and flexibility while the sole delivers optimal cushioning. A leather mudguard and heel reinforcement complete the look for a shoe that could have easily been in the upper tiers given a Flyknit upper and a more modern lacing system.

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All in all these sneakers prove that we can still find affordable, cheap Nike Air Max shoes under 100 $ that offer a great value. Nike is aware that many of their customers are practical and look for a shoe that they can wear every day , whether casually or in the gym.They offer a great value for your money and still deliver many of the features Nike shoes are known for; comfort, style and versatility.

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