If you’re looking for a pair of cheap Nike Air Max shoes under $100 there are quite a few choices on the market nowadays.  Since its beginnings in 1987 the Air Max line has only grown in popularity with new models coming up every year. The prices went up over time  but Nike always tried to keep at least some models at more affordable prices by using basic materials, much like they did with their basketball or running shoes. While still using the Air Max unit for cushioning the upper materials and the foam used lack any special technology to keep price low, all while not sacrificing style.

In this article we gathered five of these cheap Nike Air Max shoes from this series that have a MSRP of $100 or just below. Not bad when you consider that a pair of Air Max 90 is about $140 while the Plus is $175, just to name a couple of the higher end products of this line.

Nike Air Max Impact 4 gray crimson black copy 2

Nike Air Max Impact 4

Retail Price: $90

Released in 2023, the Nike Air Max Impact 4 is a versatile sneaker that was designed to be worn on and on court. It was also included on our list for budget friendly basketball shoes. It features a mesh upper with synthetic overlays while the sole is made of standard EVA foam with a visible Air Max unit sole reminiscent of the LTD. Overall it is a modern looking shoe that offers extra stability and it can also be used in the gym or on short or slow paced runs. At $90 it is a great value for your buck and surely one of the most solid choices on the market at this price.

Nike Air Max Alpha Trainer 5 green orange

Nike Alpha Trainer 5

Retail Price: $80

In 2023 Nike introduced the 5th version of the Air Max Alpha Trainer which also seems to be the best so far. Primarily a trainer shoe, similarly to the Air Max Impact 4 it is a versatile sneaker that can be used for all sorts of athletic activities. It features a modern design with a seamless upper. For this model Nike shaped the sole unit so it can offer even more stability and comfort while in the gym while keeping it stylish and durable. At $80 is one of the best deals on the market if you’re looking for a shoe to wear while training and not only.

nIKE aIR max SYSTEM Review

Nike Air Max SYSTM

Retail Price: $100

The SYSTM is one of the newest from our list of cheap Nike Air Max shoes, being introduced in 2022 with a $100 price tag, just when inflation was at the top. Just months later it went on sale and many colorways can still be found today online. What stands out about this one is the TPU piece that elongates just above the Air Max unit which makes this shoe great for those looking for extra arch support, also given that the foam used is also not too soft. While they are not too lightweight they are surely one of the most durable out there.

Nike Air Max SC white red navy CW4555 103

Nike Air Max SC

Retail Price: $75

The Nike Air Max SC has been around for two years and still going strong in 2023. It also happens to be the cheapest one on our list at $74.99. The design for this sneaker was inspired from the Air Max 1 and the result is a good looking shoe that is great for everyday use. There are two versions for this shoe, one made with leather upper and one with mesh with suede overlays. The SC features a basic mesh upper that is not as breathable as its more expensive counterparts but works well and it even makes it a better fit when it’s chilly outside.

Nike Air Max Excee gray green

Nike Air Max Excee

Retail Price: $90

Released in 2020, the Excee is one of the oldest on our list of cheap Nike Air Max shoes under $100, with many colorways still available today. Inspired by the Air Max 90 model, this style is, along with the SC , one of the sneakers with the best retro looks on this list.That is mostly due to its upper construction that includes more leather (or suede) layers than the others. The midsole is also shaped so it adds more stability in the heel area, a feature that makes it a great option for training in the gym in addition to its casual appeal.

While the market has fluctuated a lot in 2023, the price of several of these styles went down along with the rest. Even so they remain at the top of our list of cheap Nike Air Max shoes under $100, being stylish, durable and of course, affordable. If you are looking for a “beater” sneaker and save your more expensive ones you should surely consider getting a pair.