With the white and red Nike Court Vision Low going on sale recently I got a pair and decided to review its features. This sneaker has been around for a few years and it has been slowly gaining attention, being part of the series that also include the Nike Court Legacy and the Court Royale 2.  Surely it was a slow start as sneakerheads were quick to call them fake Air Force ones but casual buyers quickly found it to be a great alternative to the more hyped styles. Indeed, the Nike Court Vision low is a slimmed down version of the classic Air Force 1, the two being very similar in many ways. What is very striking is the price tag on the Court Vision which was $65 in 2020 when it first came out and got to $75 in 2022, being still one of the cheapest Nike on the market that does not sacrifice style. They come in two versions, a low and a high top.

Are Nike Court Vision Popular?

Nike Court Vision has been slowly gaining attention over the years due to its clean style, versatility and affordable price . While there was a slow start, it became a great alternative for casual buyers who found it to be a stylish and affordable option, especially compared to more hyped styles. It is a retro inspired shoe that is very durable and it can be used as a “beater” , a shoe that you can wear pretty much anywhere.

How They Fit

I got my pair for $60 on eBay , the one pictured in white, red and black. Out of the box the shoes look very fresh, boosting (almost) the same simplistic style of the Air Force 1 sneakers. I got my regular size and they felt a bit big so I would suggest going a half size down on this one. Given that I have slightly wide feet I felt like I had to break them in a bit and after a few times wearing them they felt just right. If you are not sure about your size you can check out the Nike shoes size chart here


The upper of the Nike Court Vision is made of a combination of leather and synthetic materials. The materials used in making this shoe is what kept its price so low but Nike still managed to make it a solid shoe that is quite durable. The toe box area is perforated like we are used to seeing the retro models made of leather upper. These along with a couple perforations on each side add some breathability to the upper area. There is some cushioning in the ankle area complimented by the light padded tongue that is kept in place by 2 side straps. There is branding in the usual areas, the oversized swoosh on the sides and the Nike logo on the heel, tongue and outsole. Wearing these around it does not take long to label them as a casual, every day sneaker with limitations when it comes to sport activities of any kind.

Nike Court Vision whote red black 3

Nike Court Vision whote red black 4

Are Nike Court Vision basketball shoes?

The Nike Court Vision high top version can be used occasionally as basketball shoes. Its design is inspired from the 80’s basketball shoes so while they are not too performant compared to the more expensive styles they certainly have what it takes to be used on the court when the opportunity arises. It’s part of the reason why this shoe is so versatile which makes it a great back to school shoe.

Sole Unit

The sole unit is made of standard materials that you would find on a retro or retro inspired shoe. The EVA insole is what is providing most of the cushioning. The midsole and the outsole are made of rubber that surely add durability and traction. The outsole pattern is pretty much identical with the one from the Air Force 1. Given its limited arch support,this looks like the ideal shoe for those that want an everyday shoe and don’t have to stand up for long periods of time. It looks like the ideal shoe for wearing at school or casually in general. What I concluded during this Nike Court Vision review was that doing any sport activities in these is not quite ideal as they are not flexible enough and have no energy return from the midsole.

Nike Court Vision whote red black 1

Nike Court Vision whote red black 2

Bottom Line

All in all , to conclude my Nike Vision Court review these are a great choice for those looking for an everyday shoe without breaking the bank. They are available in various colorways, including one in triple black which makes it a good option for those looking for a shoe for work. They are surely a style that parents would have to consider when getting shoes for kids in school. Available in men’s, women’s and kids sizes for school attire, these are here to stick around as they provide excellent all around value. If still not convinced you can check out a similar model from Adidas , the Grand Court 2.0 or from Puma, the Cali Pro.