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Nike Air Max 97



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The Nike Air Max 97 is one of the most popular classics from this renowned sneaker line from Nike. It was designed by Christian Tresser who brought a fresh new look with a wavy upper design sitting on top of a full lenght Air Max midsole. The modern upper lines were inspired from the Japanese bullet trains that also resonated with Tresser's passion for hiking. At its release it had a $150 price tag which was more expensive than any other sneaker from the Air Max line at that time. While it did not have an immediate success in comparison with the earlier models the Nike Air Max 97 cemented its legacy over the decades as one of the most influential in the footwear industry. After its release it enjoyed immense success in Europe where it was quickly adapted as a lifestyle sneaker. The sneaker is made of a combination of mesh and leather upper in its iconic, unique pattern.

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