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For the past several we have became accustomed to see Converse Collaboration shoes released by the brand to spice up their classic silhouettes. Converse has been a champion in celebrating artists, cartoon characters and rock bands with customized shoes. For decades Chuck Taylor’s upper canvas has been a favorite for many to express their artistic view, Andy Warhol being one of the most prominent ones. Converse and the artist’s foundation have officially started a collaboration in 2015, featuring Chuck Taylor customized with some of Andy Warhol’s artworks. Converse and DC Comics started a partnership in 2010 that is still going strong today, with new editions coming up each year. Some remarkable Converse Collaboration shoes have emerged from various rock band editions, Black Sabbath, Green Day and AC/DC being among them. Other collections celebrated The Simpsons and Mario Bros while others were created hi end designer brand Comme Des Garcons.

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